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Is This the Year of EVs?

Is This the Year of EVs? with image of electric vehicle charger on right

2022 could be the year of the E truck. As it begins, the automotive market is introducing more electric vehicles (EVs). Chevy revealed its electric Silverado to rival Ford’s F-150 Lightning. It’s a fight for dominance, but where are we with the charging infrastructure, advances in driving range, and ADAS innovations?

These evolutionary strides lead to a lot more software with the potential for more complex problems. Consider the high risks in the supply chain from software of unknown pedigree from various suppliers. In leu of unthought security and safety risks, automotive standards organizations have enhanced their compliance requirements in all phases of the SDLC.

In addition, to ensure the implementation of new security measures, some countries have joined forces and introduced new regulatory requirements—satisfy them or you can’t sell there.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of EVs in the industry.
  • How ADAS is impacting the world experience.
  • How to change and adapt to expanded automotive standards.
  • New government regulatory compliance directives.
  • Augmenting your V-model process for security and safety.
  • Test verification and validation for security and safety.