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It’s 10 PM. Do You Know if Your Application Is Secure?

It’s 10 PM. Do You Know if Your Application Is Secure? webinar title with graphic of alarm clock on right

Does your DevOps SDLC provide you with early visibility to security practices and readiness so you can deliver with confidence? Security testing, such as SAST and DAST, is often left to the end of a software development life cycle, which increases the risk of issues impacting the application release. In today’s world, security testing needs to occur in parallel with application development and be easy enough that your developers don’t have to become security experts.

Ensure that your development team is following best practices to build secure applications with compliance reporting for secure coding standards like CWE, DISA ASD STIG, OWASP, and CERT. Identify potential API security risks for OWASP API Security Top 10 with automated DAST reporting. Get visibility and insights into your application development security compliance and increase confidence in software deliveries by integrating AI/ML-augmented security testing into your development workflow.

Learn how to:

  • Assess existing application security compliance practices and determine how they relate to industry standards.
  • Enable security in your DevOps workflows with targeted SAST that aligns with your DAST.
  • Gain visibility into secure coding compliance and quality status with dashboards and reports to mitigate risk.