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Lock & Load: Take Aim at Performance Issues With Load Testing

Lock & Load: Take Aim at Performance Issues With Load Testing with target graphic on the right

In DevOps environments, it’s a best practice to run performance tests as a part of the CI/CD pipeline. Many teams have realized that a regression in performance can have as big of an impact on application quality as a regression in functionality.

What if you shift load and performance testing to the left, to the early stages of the development process? Could that provide enough early warning to prevent the costliest mistakes?

By automating load and performance testing earlier in your workflow, you can analyze crucial performance results with enough lead time to address them before releasing to production. Reap the full benefit of continuous performance testing with an effective mechanism to execute the right tests under specific conditions and analyze the results. Deliver higher quality software with sophisticated automation integrated with functional testing.

Learn how to:

  • Customize virtual user configurations.
  • Simulate loading in your test environment.
  • Review and analyze performance trends over time.