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Must-Haves in CI/CD Software Development for Embedded

Must-Haves in CI/CD Software Development for Embedded

A collaborative culture within organizations has been proven to streamline the product development process. It places value on effective communication, integration, and cross-functional teamwork to enable continuous and rapid delivery of reliable products that are also safe and secure.

Adopting an approach like Agile, which gets applied through methodologies like DevOps, brings teams together for shared ownership, workflow automation, and rapid feedback. All this is then realized through a CI/CD pipeline.

Watch this webinar to see how your embedded software development team can adopt a modern, highly automated workflow to achieve continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery/deployment, and continuous monitoring of software applications throughout the development life cycle. You’ll also get the opportunity to see a demo of Parasoft in action in a GitLab CI pipeline.

Key takeaways:

  • The high value of adopting a modern development workflow
  • Continuous testing: static analysis, unit testing, & code coverage
  • Best practices in applying test automation