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Pros & Cons of Generative AI in Software Testing

Pros & Cons of Generative AI in Software Testing on left with two graphics of robot heads on right

Generative AI tools like CoPilot and ChatGPT offer a 30-50% increase in software development productivity, but also come with potential risks of inaccuracies, “hallucinations,” and data privacy concerns. Governance of AI is in its infancy, so usage of this technology must tread carefully to ensure appropriate and consistent outcomes.

In this webinar, Parasoft’s Chief Product Officer, Igor Kirilenko, and Nathan Jakubiak, Sr. Director of Development, discuss what’s going on in AI today, what they’re excited about, and practical applications of AI in the scope of software testing.

Watch to learn about:

  • The pros and cons of usage AI at its current stage
  • Mitigation of risks by incorporating generative AI in software testing solutions
  • Current and future use cases for applying AI to testing