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Protect Your Legacy Code When Changes Are Needed

Protect Your Legacy Code When Changes Are Needed webinar title and headshot of speaker with graphic of knight on the right

It’s a common situation: your customers want new features, which means adding new code to a legacy application. But making changes may impact the software’s functionality if there’s no process in place to protect the existing code and verify the modifications.

You need to ensure your legacy code functionality can be verified after it’s modified. The best way to do that is to capture its current behavior – before changes are made – with a tool that can automatically create meaningful unit tests that provide high code coverage. With this foundation, you can have confidence that the application still satisfies the operating requirements while expanding its capabilities.

Learn how AI-enhanced unit testing can:

  • Easily create good quality unit tests for legacy and modified code.
  • Ensure reliability by meeting coverage targets.
  • Enable your team to work productively and develop better code.