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Save Time & Improve Quality on the Fast Path for JUnit Testing

Save Time & Improve Quality on the Fast Path for JUnit Testing webinar title on left with abstract graphic on right

Many software developers will agree that, although unit testing is extremely valuable to help find and fix issues in code, it’s time intensive and tedious to design and maintain useful unit tests to cover the entire application. Test automation enables you to save time and effort creating and maintaining meaningful JUnit tests, gain a better understanding of test coverage, and deliver a high-quality application that meets expectations.

In this technical session, we’ll demonstrate the benefits of unit testing and show you how to capture and centralize JUnit test execution and coverage results within the CI/CD pipeline across the organization.

Learn how to:

  • Quickly create JUnit tests with mocks and assertions to improve code quality and increase code coverage.
  • Identify coverage gaps and analyze key metrics such as modified code coverage to evaluate the business impact and risk.
  • Obtain near-instant feedback to mitigate code changes in the CI/CD pipeline using test impact analysis (TIA).