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Simplify Software Testing on Target Hardware

Simplify Software Testing on Target Hardware with speaker headshots and graphics of an arrow hitting a target on the right

A notable challenge for embedded safety- and security-critical systems is optimizing target-based testing methodologies to validate the accuracy of functionality, security measures, and performance parameters. Target systems exhibit distinct performance and behavior compared to their host counterparts, which can significantly influence test outcomes, highlighting the need for tailored testing procedures.

Static analysis raises code quality, while unit testing is a fundamental aspect that focuses on verifying module designs to ensure each software unit operates as intended. The meticulous collection and analysis of code coverage metrics are essential practices for safety-critical software. Code coverage serves as a metric for test case completion and execution, providing tangible evidence of validation completeness aligned with software design specifications.

Join our webinar to learn how to perform testing on target hardware and watch a demo of Parasoft C/C++test in action. See how to:

  • Debug memory issues.
  • Run unit tests.
  • Obtain structural code coverage.