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Take Software Testing to the Next Level With AI

Take Software Testing to the Next Level With AI on left with graphic of human robot on right

How do you determine what application testing needs to be done manually and how much should be automated? As DevOps teams face increasing challenges to get more done in less time, they’re looking for ways to create tests faster, maintain them more easily, and execute them more efficiently. The solution? Optimize workflows with AI and CI/CD.

Infusing AI into modern development workflows for software testing drives developer and tester productivity to a higher level. Join this session to learn about testing trends and see the many ways that teams are using AI to automate functional and nonfunctional testing to be more productive.

Learn how:

  • AI enables functional test creation across multiple levels.
  • Test impact analysis accelerates test execution.
  • API test suites can be reused for nonfunctional testing such as security and performance.