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Use Automation and AI to Accelerate Salesforce Testing

Use Automation and AI to Accelerate Salesforce Testing and graphic of brain with gear overlay on right

Your company has invested in Salesforce, and you’re on task to build applications that will deliver real value back to the business. Testing is critical to ensure project success. When testing your Salesforce application, you want to get it done as quickly as possible with minimal effort — and meet user expectations.

Watch this webinar to learn how to use AI and automated functional testing to thoroughly test both the UIs and the APIs in your Salesforce applications. We’ll show you how to streamline UI testing to improve test execution and maintenance, and easily add API testing to your strategy for better coverage.

You will see how the Parasoft Salesforce testing solution works to:

  • Simplify and automate UI testing to find and fix issues during development.
  • Automatically create UI and API tests for Salesforce through UI navigation recordings.
  • Use AI to identify patterns and establish data relationships to create test scenarios.