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Virtual DevOps: Using Simulation to Accelerate Software Testing

Virtual DevOps: Using Simulation to Accelerate Software Testing webinar title with panel of speakers below

When testing your web application, there are times you get blocked by services that are unstable or unavailable. You can keep your DevOps workflow running smoothly by using simulation to replicate the services’ behavior without the interruptions.

How do you get started? Take one small use case that can break the whole test. Cut it down into virtual bits to increase flexibility. And keep testing.

Solve the easy problems first and lay the groundwork for the more challenging areas. Techniques like deploy and destroy and cloning can make it faster and easier to set up a stable test environment.

Watch our panel of experts to learn how to:

  • Kickstart your DevOps workflow with virtual assets.
  • Generate realistic simulated versions of data, APIs, and services.
  • Create a stable test environment with virtual services.
  • Configure and orchestrate the test environment for continuous testing.