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What’s New in the Parasoft C/C++test 2023.2 Release

What's New in the Parasoft C/C++test 2023.2 Release? webinar titles and images of speakers below and graphic of software code on the right

Parasoft is thrilled to offer complete support for MISRA C++ 2023, the most modern coding standard for C++ addressing safety and security, in the new C++test 2023.2 release. Industries seeking safety, security, and reliability in their applications rely on us as the trusted source for expert knowledge and skills in software test verification and validation, making us the go-to choice.

C/C++test 2023.2 increases user productivity, cuts costs, and shortens time to market with additional enhancements like use of the latest EDG parser to enable a smooth workflow in static analysis and code coverage using modern versions of C++. Other integration and usability updates include:

  • Code coverage for “constexpr” functions and methods
  • Enhanced stubbing framework for templates
  • Enhanced VS Code extension
  • Enhanced support for suppressing static analysis violations
  • Extended compiler list
    • IAR BX ARM 9.20
    • Qualcomm Hexagon 8.7
    • Tasking SmartCode 10.1
    • GNU GCC 13
    • Clang 15.x, 16.x

Join our webinar to learn more about the release and see a demo of our complete support for MISRA C++ 2023.

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