API Testing

Ensure the integrity of APIs and execute Continuous Testing in complex distributed environments. As the risks associated with application failure have broader business impacts, the integrity of the APIs you produce and consume is now more important than ever. Parasoft’s API Testing solution delivers unprecedented test automation, ensuring the security, reliability, and performance of your business-critical applications.

  • Comprehensive API testing: functional, load, security testing, test data management
  • Seamless integration with Service Virtualization, Test Environment Management, and Development Testing Platform
  • Discover APIs through open integration with popular API management solutions
  • Explore Parasoft SOAtest


Communications: Extreme Automation Enables DirecTV to ”Shift Left” API Testing

Learn how DirecTV automated a complex manual API testing process to dramatically increase the speed and scope of their testing— enabling them to bring top-quality software innovations to market in record time.

Financial: NZ Bank Reduces Application Risks with Automated API Testing

To reduce the risks associated with their business-critical transactions, a leading New Zealand bank and financial-services provider wanted to extend their existing GUI-based testing to more extensively exercise the application logic within internal systems. This logic resides within their ESB: a message broker component that features 80+ services and 750+ operations. The ESB represents a single point of failure within the infrastructure—but the company was unable to test it directly or automatically.

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Financial: 20X Reduction in Testing Time w/ SV, API Testing

A global asset management company needed to accelerate testing for parallel and Agile development. Learn how service virtualization and API test automation resulted in a 20X reduction in testing time.

Lufthansa Cargo AG Case Study

Lufthansa Cargo needed to develop central, stable, and optimal-performance APIs without affecting the various front ends that were already in place or currently under construction. Discover how they achieved these goals while significantly increasing productivity.

Non-Profit: Cloud-Based Access to a Highly-Restricted Govt. System

Learn how Service Virtualization provides continuous, secure access to a highly-restricted government system behavior that is critical for completing thorough end-to-end tests against an education portal application.

Siemens AG Case Study

With the constant introduction of new APIs and services, Siemens must ensure their applications are smartly integrated with the back-end infrastructure and are diligently maintained to avoid errors or system shutdowns. Learn their strategy for rapidly implementing top-quality APIs.

Parasoft API Testing Solution Overview

  • Industry leader since 2002
  • Recognized for "ease for use", intuitive interface
  • Includes advanced automation for message layer and Web UI
  • Extensive protocol and technology support
  • End-to-end testing across multiple endpoints (services, ESBs, databases, mainframes, web UI, ERPs...)
  • Advanced automated test generation
  • Designed to support continuous testing

API Testing

  • Automate continuous regression testing with sophisticated validations
  • Design sophisticated tests without scripting or coding
  • Broad native support for platforms, technologies, protocols
  • Generate extensible, reusable, easily maintainable tests with 100% coverage
  • Designed from the ground up to simplify the testing of GUI-less APIs

SOA Testing

  • Designed from the ground up to simplify the testing of GUI-less services
  • Generate extensible, reusable, easily maintainable tests with 100% coverage
  • Design sophisticated tests without scripting or coding
  • SOA-Aware: broad native support for platforms, technologies, protocols
  • Event tracing and validation (ESBs, brokers, databases, more)

API Security Testing

  • Run penetration testing at the API / message layer and web UI level
  • Uncover OWASP vulnerabilities
  • Validate authentication, encryption, and access control
  • Find and fix security vulnerabilities earlier
  • Pinpoint where attacks really succeed—not just areas that are susceptible

Load and Performance Testing

  • Validate functionality and performance under various loads
  • Simulate extreme loads and/or test from different locations
  • Expose concurrency issues in multithreaded applications
  • Define and enforce expected Quality of Service (QoS) metrics for SLAs
  • Test using existing Parasoft tests, JUnit tests, or lightweight socket-based components

Web UI Testing

For web UI testing, the solution guides the team in developing robust, noiseless regression tests for rich and highly-dynamic web interfaces—without scripts.


Runtime Error Detection

  • Expose critical defects as the application is exercised
  • Works from unit testing through application/system testing
  • Reports only defects that actually occur
  • Lightweight and suitable for embedded testing
  • Integrated with static analysis, unit testing, code review & more

Service Virtualization

  • Streamline test environment provisioning time and costs beyond traditional virtualization
  • Test against constrained dependent resources without scheduling hassles
  • Test early and extensively—without access and transaction fees
  • Test vs. a broad array of functional & performance conditions—with minimal setup
  • Get the exact test environment you need without relying on Ops or DevOps

Development Testing

  • Prevent and expose code-level defects that impact application security, reliability, and performance
  • Integrate static analysis, unit testing, coverage, code review, more
  • Expose defects when they are easier, faster, and cheaper to fix
  • Ensure consistency across large and distributed teams
  • Increase productivity and agility while improving quality