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Service Virtualization Solutions for Software Testing

Say goodbye to costly testing delays caused by unavailable or constrained dependencies. Embrace the agility to simulate any environment and replicate complex system behaviors for seamless testing without constraints.

Take Control of Your Test Environment With Service Virtualization

Empower teams to overcome the hurdles of unstable test environments and unavailable system dependencies with Parasoft Virtualize. Eliminate testing delays and disruptions by simulating dependent services, enabling comprehensive testing in any scenario, and ensuring your software meets quality standards with confidence.

Test Any Service, Anytime

Conduct testing at any time using service virtualization to replicate unavailable dependencies in the test environment.

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Replicate Real World Behavior

Build realistic simulations of dependent services or systems that behave like the real thing.

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Reduce Testing Costs

Simulate unavailable or costly-to-access dependencies, enabling comprehensive testing without expensive external resources.

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Create Virtual Test Data

Give teams the power to generate and control their own virtual data to drive higher levels of test velocity and automation.

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Scale Performance Testing

Provide on-demand access to virtual test environments. Simulate diverse system conditions and behaviors to validate application performance.

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Accelerate Provisioning of Test Environments

Create virtual test environments that can be deployed or destroyed on demand to streamline the testing process.

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Test Any Service, Anytime

Implement a virtual service to cover practically every situation. Build reliable and predictable service simulations with broad support for more than 120 message formats and protocols, with no scripting required.

How It Works

Often, crucial dependent services may be unavailable, not yet developed, or access is limited, posing significant hurdles for automating testing practices. However, service virtualization steps in to mitigate these obstacles. Leverage Parasoft Virtualize to: 

  • Simulate any system interaction: REST API, web services, databases, Java API calls, including robust support for over 120 protocols and message types. Easily share virtual services across teams. 
  • Automatically test against virtual services when dependent services are unavailable, incomplete, unstable, or inaccessible for testing purposes.
  • Facilitate parallel development and testing. Provide teams with virtualized services for dependent services that may still be in development, allowing multiple teams to work simultaneously and start testing earlier without dependencies or resource constraints hindering them. 
  • Automatically fail over from a live service to a virtual service when system dependencies become unstable or go offline during automated test runs.
Animated graphic showing how test cases fail when dependencies are unstable or unavailable and how service virtualization solves this challenge.

Replicate Real Word Behavior

Capture live system behavior to create realistic virtual services that mimic the actual behavior of service interdependencies. Conduct more thorough testing of application components by covering edge cases and error conditions and testing them with various performance characteristics.

How It Works

Leverage Parasoft Virtualize to easily and scriptlessly create virtual services from:

  • Service definition files
  • Recorded traffic between live services
  • Request and response pairings to simulate an application’s behavior 

Create virtual services that simulate the behavior of dependent services, ensuring comprehensive and accurate testing. Easily control and modify the behavior to enable teams to validate their applications under various conditions, including scenarios that are difficult to reproduce due to behavior complexity like the following:

  • Asynchronous responses
  • Data looping
  • Stateful interactions
  • Testing with various performance characteristics
Screenshot of Parasoft Virtualize in the Eclipse IDE showing a virtual service that replicates real world behavior.

This empowers teams to increase the thoroughness of testing practices, supporting common use cases, edge cases, and error conditions.

Use Virtualize’s learning mode to easily and automatically generate virtual services that are always up to date. Learning mode continuously monitors the actual calls to live services to accurately model requests and responses, and it automatically updates virtual services when the emulated endpoint changes.

Reduce Testing Costs

Reduce testing costs with our service virtualization solution, which minimizes testing downtime and the need for costly physical infrastructure and resources by decreasing dependence on external services.

How It Works

Parasoft Virtualize significantly reduces testing costs in several key ways. 

  • Allows teams to deploy and destroy virtual test environments effortlessly, ensuring resources are allocated only when necessary, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. This decreases operational costs and enhances flexibility and agility in testing practices. 
  • Enables organizations to bypass the need for costly physical infrastructure with virtual test environments, significantly reducing expenses related to provisioning, maintaining, and scaling testing environments.
  • Offers relief from third-party pay-to-play models, where companies are charged for access, offering a more sustainable and cost-efficient solution. 
  • Provides teams with separate dedicated virtual test environments, reducing resource contention that often occurs in shared test environments and can lead to costly testing downtimes.
Bar graph titled, Reduce Test Environment Infrastructure Costs With Service Virtualization. It shows how service virtualization can reduce infrastructure costs associated with physical test environments.

Create Virtual Test Data

Our test data management solution offers complete autonomy over generating, managing, modifying, and controlling virtual test data, liberating teams from relying on production data. By accelerating data provisioning, it fuels heightened test velocity and automation, fostering efficiency in testing processes.

How It Works

By giving teams the ability to provision and control the data sets required for testing, our test data management solution eliminates reliance on production data and removes constraints related to data availability, confidentiality, and integrity. Leverage Parasoft Virtualize’s test data management to do the following. 

  • Rapidly generate test data on demand. Eliminate the delays common in traditional test data management that often cause testing downtimes as teams wait for data to be provisioned.
  • Give each team control over test data through support for easy creation and deployment of their own test data sets, providing independence from each other and eliminating test data pollution.
  • Use recorded traffic to build data models with inferred constraints to generate additional synthetic data.
  • Manage data for hierarchical messages like JSON using tree-based views on the data. 
  • Mask and sanitize data to ensure privacy and compliance, reducing concerns around data governance and confidentiality.
Screenshot of Parasoft CTP

Scale Performance Testing With Environment Simulation

Conduct robust performance testing while slashing costs associated with performance testing environments. Deploy and destroy virtual test environments as needed and ensure thorough performance validation without the need for expensive infrastructure, optimizing resource utilization effectively.

How It Works

Traditional performance testing often requires an expensive infrastructure to simulate realistic production environments, leading to high operational expenses. Parasoft Virtualize enables teams to create virtualized environments that accurately mimic the behavior of dependent systems, eliminating the need for costly physical infrastructure. 

Teams can easily create virtual services that include specific performance characteristics and are optimized for load testing, and then deploy them to Virtualize’s performance server for fast response times and high throughput. By leveraging virtualized environments and ensuring virtual services are optimized for robust load testing, teams can conduct performance testing on demand and at scale without the financial burden of maintaining dedicated test environments. 

Screenshot of Parasoft CTP

Accelerate Provisioning of Test Environments

Expedite test environment provisioning and start testing earlier with Parasoft Virtualize and CTP. Teams can create and get access to virtual test environments to accelerate the testing process, foster early validation of software functionality, and enhance overall efficiency.

How It Works

Provisioning a new test environment poses significant challenges, often consuming valuable time and resources. Traditional methods require extensive setup and configuration, leading to delays in testing activities.

With the combination of Parasoft Virtualize and CTP, teams can build virtual test environments that can be swiftly deployed and destroyed on demand in the CI/CD pipeline. By eliminating the time-consuming setup and teardown processes associated with traditional test environments, test environment management enhances agility and responsiveness in testing workflows. 

When a live endpoint becomes unstable or unavailable during test execution, automatically switch to testing against the virtual service and mitigate test failures due to environment instabilities and access constraints. Easily provision different environments for different testing scenarios with the relevant test data. This ensures that the application performs as expected during negative testing and when validating common use cases and edge cases.

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Screenshot of Parasoft CTP environment manager and automatic failover mode.