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Complete Support for MISRA C 2023 in New Release of C & C++ Testing Solution Enables Seamless Compliance


Parasoft C/C++test 2023.1 Boosts Embedded Developer Productivity and Ensures Secure Software Development

News Highlights

  • Parasoft launches C/C++test 2023.1 providing complete support for MISRA C 2023.
  • C/C++test 2023.1, the most comprehensive solution for HIS metrics enforcement, simplifies enforcement of low source code complexity requirements and reduces the cost of compliance.
  • Static analysis performance has increased by 25% for teams to improve productivity and reduce the cost of development.

Monrovia, CA – May 31, 2023 – Parasoft, a global leader in embedded software testing solutions, has announced the release of C/C++test 2023.1 with complete support of MISRA C 2023 and MISRA C 2012 with Amendment 4. MISRA C is the most popular coding standard for safe and secure C software development. The new release helps developers automate static code analysis and coding standards compliance, increase productivity, and shorten time to market. The latest version introduces a wide range of new features and enhancements designed to:

  • Boost productivity throughout the software development life cycle.
  • Expedite time to market.
  • Automate compliance.

Ensure the delivery of safe, secure, and reliable applications.
With the publishing of MISRA C 2023, developers now have the rules to ensure safe and secure use of C11 features, such as:

  • Atomics (_Atomic, <stdatomic.h>)
  • Multi-threading (<threads.h>)

Parasoft’s compliance reporting module has been updated accordingly, ensuring that the MISRA conformant reports are available in Parasoft DTP, consolidating testing results in intelligent dashboards, detailed reports, and actionable analytics. This allows companies to satisfy compliance with the most up to date version of the MISRA C 2023 standard.

To learn more about the release of C/C++test 2023.1, register for the upcoming webinar, “Get Complete MISRA C 2023 Support in New Parasoft C/C++test Release,” on June 8 at 9 a.m. PDT.

One of the major highlights of C/C++test 2023.1 is the comprehensive and continuous enforcement of safety and security coding standards. The inclusion of MISRA C 2023 introduces 19 new rules and three new directives that apply when writing code. This includes further guidance on the use of:

  • Unused objects
  • Small integer constants
  • Chained initialization
  • Variably modified arrays

“Parasoft is devoted to ensuring that our customers are supported with the latest technology in software test automation. This release of C/C++test completely supports the latest MISRA C 2023 standard and contains other software test automation solutions that reduce effort and costs and ensure delivery of safe, secure, and high-quality applications,” said Igor Kirilenko chief product officer at Parasoft.

Development teams can expect a remarkable 25% improvement in flow analysis performance. In addition, fewer files will be excluded from the analysis and result in higher result’s accuracy.

Expanding its support for DevOps CI/CD workflows, C/C++test 2023.1 presents the new C/C++test Bazel integration package. This integration empowers developers to seamlessly incorporate Parasoft’s static analysis into any Bazel CI pipeline, streamlining the development process. Teams can simplify static analysis deployments for Bazel-based projects and reduce the time required to integrate and maintain the toolchain.

Request a demo to see how Parasoft’s solution can help embedded development teams achieve compliance with the latest edition of the coding standard and deploy their products to the market.

Screenshot of Parasoft's DTP report center showing the MISRA C 2023 Compliance dashboard.
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