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New SVP to Champion Aerospace & Government Sectors With AI-Driven Software Testing Solutions


Parasoft Introduces John Newman to Lead the Growing Market in Government Solutions

News Highlights

  • Parasoft reinforces its Aerospace and Government Solutions (AGS) division by appointing John Newman as the Senior Vice President of AGS.
  • With this new position, Parasoft aims to increase the presence of the aerospace and federal government sectors.
  • Newman will drive the adoption of Parasoft’s innovative automated software testing platform that harnesses the power of AI.

Monrovia, CA – June 27, 2023 – Parasoft, a global leading provider of software testing solutions, announces the appointment of John Newman as Senior Vice President of the Aerospace and Government Solutions (AGS) division. In this strategic role, Newman will spearhead Parasoft’s expansion efforts within the aerospace and federal government sectors by driving the adoption of the company’s leading automated software testing platform, which leverages AI.

Visit Parasoft’s government industry page to learn more about government automated testing solutions.

Photo of a government building with a glowing light blue overlay image of an outlined brain encircled with data points stemming away from it. Caption reads: Parasoft's automated software testing solutions enhanced with AI deliver efficiency, accuracy, and predictive capabilities, enabling optimal system performance and compliance with industry and government standards.

Parasoft recognizes opportunities presented by the AGS division. Government software development is complex considering the need to build secure code to safely store confidential data and the long sales cycles involved. By increasing its presence in Washington, D.C., Parasoft has the opportunity to collaborate with key decision makers, attend industry events, and establish a position as a committed company in the federal sector.

Newman has held federal leadership roles at technology companies such as Amazon and Google. He has held a variety of direct sales and sales leadership roles covering the U.S. Federal Government. Leveraging his expertise, Newman will oversee the continued growth of Parasoft’s AGS division by forging strategic partnerships to enhance Parasoft’s offerings and targeting the unique needs of government and aerospace clients.

“John brings a wealth of experience as a federal sales leader, having cultivated strong relationships with government entities and the partner community throughout his career. His expertise and track record will be pivotal in propelling Parasoft’s growth within the government sector,” said Elizabeth Kolawa, CEO at Parasoft.

Headshot with caption: John Newman, Senior Vice President of Aerospace and Government Solutions (AGS) division at Parasoft

In his new role at Parasoft, Newman will further build on efforts to advance AI-enhanced testing solutions in the government sector. With Newman’s wealth of knowledge, Parasoft will promote innovation, expand customer reach, and deliver exceptional value to government agencies and partners.

“Parasoft’s cutting-edge AI-enhanced automated software testing solutions provide unparalleled capabilities in error detection, remediation, and code validation throughout all stages of the SDLC. As a proud member of the Parasoft team, I am thrilled to contribute to supporting the missions of the aerospace and U.S. Federal Government sectors,” said John Newman, SVP of Aerospace and Government Solutions.

Read this case study to learn more about Parasoft’s AGS.

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