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New Parasoft SOAtest Release Introduces Machine Learning to API Test Creation


Parasoft will showcase the next generation of its award-winning AI-powered API testing solution at STARWEST


Monrovia, CA – Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing, announced today the latest release of Parasoft SOAtest, featuring machine learning techniques that augment SOAtest’s Smart API Test Generator, to help testers efficiently create meaningful API test scenarios using AI and ML. The newest SOAtest release supercharges the test creation process by enabling users to leverage their organizations’ existing test inventories and train SOAtest’s artificial intelligence engine using machine learning, so it can create meaningful API test templates automatically. This enables organizations to quickly build a foundation of tests to increase API coverage and scale their API testing practice.

Learn more about Parasoft API testing here: https://www.parasoft.com/solutions/api-testing

“With this product release, Parasoft continues to focus on innovation and advancing the role of the software quality professional through new technology to deliver better business outcomes. AI and ML are critical components in enabling software quality professionals to take a proactive role in solving complex enterprise problems.” Theresa Lanowitz, founder and analyst, voke, inc.

Traditionally, software test automation tools have focused “automation” in the context of test execution, while considering test creation as an effort that is mostly manual. To instead focus on reducing all manual testing efforts to support Continuous Quality, Parasoft continues to push the bounds of test automation, augmenting the automatic creation of test cases with machine learning. The introduction of SOAtest’s Smart API Test Generator in May gave organizations the ability to automatically create meaningful API test scenarios by using artificial intelligence to understand how their APIs are being used as their applications are exercised from the UI, and today’s release takes that a step further.

The new release bolsters AI-driven test creation with machine learning. Users can train SOAtest’s Smart API Test Generator to create test scenarios based on organization-specific rules that define how their organization tests their business logic. By adding this additional logic into the traffic parsing process, Parasoft SOAtest learns the relationships between different test steps to intelligently connect them together into scenario-based regression suites. Leveraging this technology ensures that API test inventories will be efficient, consistent, and change-resistant.

To learn more, Parasoft will be demonstrating the technology at the STARWEST conference this week. Stop by Parasoft at Booth #16, and attend the talk The State of API Testing: New Industry Survey Results Highlight the Challenges of Test Automation with Theresa Lanowitz, voke Founder.