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Parasoft Features New Continuous Testing Release at Gartner Summit


Parasoft announced an update to its Continuous Testing solution—integrating Service Virtualization, API Testing, and Test Data Management with Test Environment Management to enable early, rapid, and rigorous testing of highly connected applications. The solution is currently being featured at Parasoft’s booth #309 at Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit in Las Vegas.

The latest Continuous Testing solution (Continuous Testing Platform 3.0, Virtualize 9.10, and SOAtest 9.10) provides the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive thin client interface for service virtualization and API testing. From any browser, a broad range of team members can rapidly create, leverage, and share API testing and service virtualization assets to accelerate testing and support advanced automation for Continuous Integration and Delivery scenarios.

“In this release, we have focused on broadening service virtualization access and packaging, addressing both creation and deployment, stated Mark Lambert VP of Products for Parasoft. For creation, we have enabled advanced workflows of the Parasoft Virtualize Desktop providing users the ability to create sophisticated assets directly from their browser. On the deployment side, Docker scripts, available on the Parasoft Marketplace, and prebuilt images, hosted within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for both on-demand and BYOL licensing, provide a complete set of deployment options for scalable service virtualization. “

The new release also features:

  • Burp Suite Integration for API and Web Security Penetration Testing: Integration with Burp Suite, the application security testing tool recognized as the industry standard, brings a new level of API and web security penetration testing to the Parasoft solution.
  • HTTP/2 Support for Testing and Service Virtualization: Extending its highly trusted message/protocol support, Parasoft’s solution now supports testing and simulation of HTTP/2.
  • HTTP Archive (HAR) Support for Creating Tests and Virtual Assets from Fiddler Traffic Files: Converts HTTP Archive (HAR) files (e.g. from Fiddler) into traffic files that can be used for creating Parasoft virtual assets or test scenarios.
  • Jenkins Plugin for API Test Execution: Teams using Jenkins to execute Parasoft SOAtest tests during Continuous Integration can view SOAtest results within Jenkins and use the results of these tests to control Jenkins workflows.
  • Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Team Services support: available from the Microsoft Marketplace

To learn more about Parasoft’s continuous testing solution, please visit: https://www.parasoft.com/solutions/continuous-testing