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Parasoft Jtest Optimizes Time Spent Unit Testing by Reducing Testing Overhead by 50%


Latest release of Parasoft Jtest introduces easy and more efficient ways to scale and maintain meaningful code coverage.


Monrovia, CA. – Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing, announced today the latest release of Parasoft Jtest, a tool that enables users to accelerate and strengthen Java software development by bringing sophisticated automation and analytics to static analysis, unit testing, and code coverage practices. In this new release, Parasoft focused on Jtest’s Unit Test Assistant, bringing enhanced features that help users find and fill code coverage gaps by providing quick, easy-to-adopt ways to identify holes and reuse/extend existing JUnit tests to cover untested code. With its guided unit test code creation technology, Parasoft Jtest helps teams increase code coverage while reducing unit testing time by over 50%. To learn more about Parasoft Jtest’s Unit Test Assistant or download a free trial, please visit: https://www.parasoft.com/products/parasoft-jtest/jtest-request-a-demo/.

Adopting a unit testing practice that is scalable across the team is critical to ensure the delivery of high-quality applications, as stated in Gartner’s January 2018 paper, Adopt a ‘Shift Left’ Approach to Testing to Accelerate and Improve Application Development: “When testing is emphasized in the incorrect areas, quality, cost and time are at risk. When and how we test is important. We should test early and with automation. What we test is equally important, and we should be testing the implementation of the product with weighted importance. Proper testing starts at requirements and has the greatest significance at code-level unit tests.”

To help Java developers achieve early, automated, and efficient testing, today’s release of Parasoft Jtest focuses on enabling quality at speed with enhancements to the Parasoft Jtest Unit Test Assistant. By eliminating the often tedious and manual process of unit testing, Parasoft Jtest helps users achieve code coverage requirements in less time with reduced effort. As stated by one user, a Senior Software Architect at a multinational wholesale retailer, “Jtest helps us get to our code coverage number faster and makes unit testing go by quickly… making everyone happy.”

With today’s release, Parasoft’s proprietary Change-Based Testing technology is now also integrated within the IDE, providing users with the ability to quickly understand how to thoroughly test their source code changes with existing test suites, and quickly execute only the unit tests affected by those source code changes. This powerful technology helps drive improvements to developer productivity and ensures that code is comprehensively tested before submitting into the CI/CD pipeline.

New features and enhancements in Parasoft Jtest 10.4.0 include:

  • New code coverage recommendations to focus users on reusing existing tests to drive meaningful and accurate test coverage
  • Introduction of Change-Based Testing technology into the IDE, increasing developer productivity and reducing test suite maintenance
  • Extended support for both IntelliJ and Eclipse IDEs