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Unit Testing Tools & Solutions: Verify Functionality

Unit testing enables developers to verify individual component functionality, ensuring each unit behaves as expected. This meticulous assessment detects defects early, enhancing software reliability and stability during development.

Unit Testing

Unit Testing Made Easy, Efficient, and Effective

Automated unit testing processes make it easier for developers and testers to ensure code reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness. By streamlining testing procedures, developers can swiftly verify functionality, enhancing overall software quality.

Rapidly Generate Unit Test Suites

Employ advanced automation to generate comprehensive unit test suites quickly, ensuring thorough, robust test coverage and fostering high-quality software.

Track & Meet Code Coverage Requirements

Seamlessly integrate code coverage tracking with unit testing to rigorously examine every aspect of the codebase and satisfy coverage requirements.

Automate Regression Testing in CI/CD

Integrate unit testing with automated regression testing in CI/CD pipelines to quickly identify and resolve issues and accelerate delivery cycles.

Accelerate Unit Testing With Test Impact Analysis

Pinpoint essential tests affected by code modifications to expedite testing cycles and improve software reliability with test impact analysis.

Increase Developer Productivity With AI Assistance

Accelerate unit testing with AI-driven capabilities that let developers build test suites effortlessly, adapt to code changes, and automate testing processes.

Unit Testing for C/C++

Parasoft C/C++test offers a comprehensive unit testing framework for C/C++ software development, providing teams with seamless test creation, execution, and regression capabilities. Easy-to-use features include powerful stubbing and mocking frameworks with a seamless IDE integration, enabling developers to focus on code quality and expedite project delivery.

How It Works

C and C++ developers and testers use C/C++test to streamline unit testing processes by automating unit test creation, which includes mocks, stubs, and assertions, to effectively isolate the unit under test and ensure flawless test case operation.

Teams utilizing C/C++test can streamline their unit testing practices by using the solution’s Test Case Explorer, intuitive graphical UI, or a user-friendly wizard to effortlessly create or automatically generate unit tests. Automatic stub generation for missing or undefined functions isolates code units eases the testing process. Teams can conduct unit testing at various levels including project, file, and function, with informative views that enable them to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Integration of code coverage seamlessly complements unit testing practices, ensuring thorough test coverage. Teams can execute unit tests on target hardware to meet stringent safety-critical requirements and expand testing into regression testing as part of their CI/CD workflow.

Comprehensive unit test reports aid in satisfying compliance demands, while advanced analytics in collaboration with Parasoft DTP enable interactive reports and seamless bidirectional requirements traceability with ALM/REQ solutions, enhancing overall testing efficiency and effectiveness.

Screenshot of Parasoft C/C++test unit testing with test creation, execution, and regression testing.

Unit Testing for Java

Developers and testers can more easily perform Java unit testing and do it up to two times as fast using AI-enhanced Parasoft Jtest. As a result, teams reduce risks, cut costs, increase productivity, and achieve industry compliance goals.

How It Works

Java development teams use Jtest to generate entire test suites, augment existing tests, increase code coverage, and optimize test execution for CI/CD pipelines.

Jtest uses AI to automatically generate an optimized suite of meaningful and maintainable test cases complete with mocks and assertions to isolate them for easy testing and remediation. Test suites can be expanded with Jtest’s developer-assisted workflows like quick-fix and bulk actions to increase code coverage.

Teams have the option to use Jtest integration with OpenAI and Azure OpenAI providers to analyze and refactor existing JUnit tests based on user-provided natural language prompts. AI-driven test impact analysis means code changes can be quickly tested with the minimum correct set of unit tests.

Jtest measures the code coverage from unit test execution. Through integration with Parasoft DTP, Jtest contributes to the visibility of the overall code coverage collected from all testing practices, including unit, API, UI, and manual testing. Code coverage can be measured specifically against new and modified code to ensure sufficient coverage even if overall code coverage is low.

Screenshot of Parasoft Jtest with a popup of the Unit Testing Assisting offering assistance to create a test suite.