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Parasoft Releases the Most Extensive MISRA Coverage


C/C++test Simplifies Static Analysis & Coding Standards Compliance Adoption

Monrovia, CA — November 29, 2022 – Parasoft, a global leader in automated software testing for over 30 years, today announced the 2022.2 release of Parasoft C/C++test with support for MISRA C:2012 Amendment 3 and a draft version of MISRA C++ 202x. The latest release of Parasoft’s unified, fully integrated testing solution for C and C++ software development helps teams automate static analysis and coding standards compliance, increase productivity, and shorten time to market. Register now for the webinar on December 15 to learn more about what’s new in C/C++test 2022.2.

Providing the top software suppliers with the broadest coverage for MISRA C/C++, Parasoft is committed to helping customers stay ahead of the rapidly evolving standards landscape. The supported MISRA C 2012 Amendment 3 updates existing guidelines and extends the standard with new rules to cover C11 and C18 language extensions.

As a participant in MISRA’s C++ working group actively developing MISRA C++ 202x, the new edition of the C++ coding standard, Parasoft was granted permission to release draft rules from it. C/C++test 2022.2 comes with a draft test configuration of the new MISRA C++ 202x standard containing support for an early version of the rules. C/C++test users can scan their code with the early version of the C++ static analysis checkers and start improving their C++ code before the public release of the standard. Existing users can download C/C++test 2022.2 now.

More capabilities in Parasoft’s latest C/C++ software development solution include:

  • Support for stubbing C++ templates provides the ability to develop stubs that isolate tested code, enable early testing, and simplify fault injection. This reduces unit testing costs and boosts productivity.
  • Support for the latest 2022 CWE Top 25 and On The Cusp weaknesses lists to automatically identify security weaknesses during static analysis.
  • Support for static analysis baselines in GitHub and GitLab merge requests enhances CI/CD workflow integrations.
  • New distribution of C/C++test Standard that runs on Linux ARM to enable static analysis and code coverage measurements on Linux ARM-based development platforms, providing the ability to satisfy compliance with coding safety and security standards like MISRA, AUTOSAR C++14, and CERT.
  • Extended compiler support improves code quality and achieves compliance goals for projects that are built with Green Hills PPC 2020.1 or PPC 2019.1 and GNU GCC for ARM64 8, 10, 11.

“We’re thrilled to announce new features and enhancements that deliver instant productivity gains from our C/C++test 2022.2 release. Cutting edge capabilities like complete coverage for new coding guidelines that help streamline compliance for MISRA C 2012 AMD 3 and MISRA C++ 202x,” said Igor Kirilenko chief product officer at Parasoft. “And there’s much more included in support of modern development ecosystems that accelerate test automation and toughen its quality.”

Request a demo to see how Parasoft C/C++test can help your development team deliver advanced safety-critical systems.

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