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Parasoft Supports Updated MISRA C:2012 With Latest Safety & Security Coding Guidelines


Enhanced Support Provides Complete Coverage for Secure C Applications

Monrovia, CA — December 6, 2022 – Parasoft, a global leader in automated software testing for over 30 years, today announced support for MISRA C:2012 Amendment 3 (AMD3) and Technical Corrigendum 2 (TC2). As a member of the MISRA consortium, Parasoft stays in the know about the latest MISRA guidelines to ensure its customers continue to automate compliance testing using C/C++test to deliver the safest, most secure C applications. Learn more about complying with MISRA C using Parasoft solutions.

MISRA C:2012 is the most popular coding standard for the C language and Amendment 3 extends the standard with new rules to support C11 up to C18 language extensions. Parasoft C/C++test 2022.2 provides the most complete coverage for the new coding guidelines with new rules that complement and enhance support for MISRA C:2012. Customers developing software using C11 up to C18 get an up-to-date static code analysis solution that incorporates the next-level safety and security coding guidelines to satisfy compliance requirements for MISRA C:2012 AMD3. Download this practical guide to learn how to accelerate and maintain MISRA C compliance.

Parasoft DTP compliance reporting has also been updated to include the new AMD3 rules. MISRA conformant reports, Guideline Enforcement Plan (GEP), Guideline Re-categorization Plan (GRP), and Guideline Compliance Summary (GCS) are now available in Parasoft DTP.

“As MISRA C:2012 update announcements are made, Parasoft is committed to swiftly performing product updates. We ensure that our customers are supported with the latest technologies made available, backing them in their efforts to continuously reduce costs and deliver secure, reliable, and compliant software,” said Igor Kirilenko chief product officer at Parasoft.

In addition to lifting the standard to a whole new benchmark for guidelines to ensure safe and secure C applications, MISRA C:2012 corrected and clarified reported issues, which are captured in TC2. The MISRA C:2012 TC2 should be read in conjunction with the MISRA C:2012 Third Edition, First Revision.

Producing and delivering safe, secure, and high-quality software systems is imperative to reducing maintenance costs and, more importantly, preventing product recalls and lawsuits. Applying a coding standard like MISRA C:2012 establishes a C language codebase that is cultivated by the removal or reduction of defects. In addition to building a trusted brand, businesses increase customer satisfaction and reduce maintenance and labor costs. Request a demo to see how Parasoft can help your development team maximize the quality, compliance, safety, and security of critical software and deliver with confidence.

Screenshot showing Parasoft test configuration for MISRA C:2012 Amendment 3

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