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Reporting & Analytics

Generate Reports & Analytics for Parasoft Virtualize

Understand the ROI of Service Virtualization

Reporting isn’t just about test results, especially when it comes to service virtualization. Parasoft Virtualize provides powerful tools to understand and report on the health of your environments, while helping managers see how service virtualization is being utilized to better understand the ROI of the service virtualization investment.

How Does It Work?

Parasoft’s web interface provides a customizable dashboard for users to get immediate information into the health and utilization of their service virtualization infrastructure. Highly-customizable widgets display information ranging from server performance (CPU utilization, memory consumption, hard drive space, threads, etc.), helping users understand the real-time performance characteristics of their infrastructure.

Every single time a virtual service is hit, Parasoft captures all of the associated data, so it can be sliced and diced in any way the virtualization team needs in order to understand ROI. Asset utilization graphs provide a multi-dimensional heat map indicating asset grouping by system, their current consumption, and performance information. With this information, users can immediately understand which virtual services are being used the most, how they are performing, and whether their services are nearing end-of-life, to optimize the number of services a team has on their servers (and identify which services are providing the greatest ROI).


Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Preemptive alerts to understand the stability of your test environment

To understand whether or not you should run your tests, Parasoft’s proactive alerts provide early detection, to remediate environment instability and ensure successful test execution.

Understand the ROI of service virtualization

By understanding which assets are being used by which teams, you can make sure that you focus your energy where it matters and retire services that are no longer providing value.

An intuitive workspace for debugging your test environment and promoting team collaboration

Parasoft enables complete visibility into all transactions that flow through your virtual ecosystem, so you can debug complex end-to-end scenarios and get the data you need to reproduce defects. The customizable workspace enables collaboration across teams, with individual users with their own unique space for tailoring to the personalized information and shortcuts to the activities that are most impactful to the individual.