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How to Achieve Safety Standard Code Coverage Goals With Modern, CI-Based Development Workflows

These days, teams want to achieve all compliance goals without changing their highly automated, CI-based workflows, which frequently include open source testing frameworks. For embedded teams, an additional challenge is the availability of simulators and models that can be used for automated testing. To achieve these goals, teams are looking for toolchains that integrate with open source frameworks and can be automated at scale, including compilers, debuggers, simulators, build systems, and coverage tools.

In addition to performing static analysis, organizations flush out critical requirements that stem from functional safety and security standards such as ISO 26262, ISO 21434, IEC 61508, and others. Standards require evidence that teams have achieved unit and integration testing goals, and code coverage metrics prove the thoroughness of testing.

Watch our webinar to see how you can use IAR and Parasoft solutions to do the following.

  • Build a highly automated, CI-based development workflow.
  • Satisfy safety standard requirements for unit testing and code coverage.
  • Increase developer productivity and minimize the cost and overhead of testing.