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MISRA C++ 2023: Everything You Need to Know

MISRA C++ 2023: Everything You Need to Know webinar title with speaker headshots

The long-awaited MISRA guidelines for the use of C++17 in critical systems has been published as MISRA C++ 2023! Finally, a formal coding guideline specification to address current C++ coding features like nested namespaces, direct list initialization of enums, the if constexpr statement, and more.

MISRA C++ 2023 offers guidance and avoidance of all instances of undefined and unspecified behavior with the intended goal of delivering safe, secure, and highly reliable C++ software applications.

Michal Rozenau, as a contributing member to the development of MISRA C++ 2023, presents on what MISRA C++ 2023 is, how it relates to legacy MISRA C++ 2008 and AUTOSAR C++14, and a quick introduction to the guidelines. We demonstrate how Parasoft C/C++test provides complete coverage for MISRA C++ 2023 and seamlessly integrates into modern development workflows.

Watch a demo of how to apply MISRA C++ 2023 in a DevOps CI/CD development workflow. Learn how to:

  • Create source code in the feature branch.
  • Run a quick, pre-commit static analysis session.
  • Trigger the pipeline with a pull request in GitHub.
  • Watch MISRA C++ 2023 perform as a quality gate.
  • Remediate identified violations.
  • Satisfy quality gate requirements and compliance.