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Top Tips to Accelerate Adopting & Scaling Service Virtualization

Top Tips to Accelerate Adopting & Scaling Service Virtualization with graphic of stopwatch moving to the right

Lack of control over test environment dependencies is a primary reason why many application testing teams are unable to achieve the test velocity needed to fully embrace concepts like agile workflows, continuous testing, and shift-left testing. This roadblock can often be easily addressed with service virtualization solutions that simulate environment dependencies. Service virtualization has been used to increase test velocity and remove these hinderances.

Watch this webinar to hear the top tips and strategies that have helped industry leaders streamline adopting and scaling service virtualization.

We discuss:

  • How service virtualization boosts test velocity by aligning with corporate tech strategies like agile workflows and automated testing.
  • Accelerating and reducing the learning curve for the creation of new virtual services and ensure they’re always up-to-date.
  • Tips to successfully adopt, implement, and scale service virtualization across testing teams.