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Parasoft Streamlines AUTOSAR Compliance and Reporting, Enabling Organizations to Efficiently Achieve Required Levels of Safety and Security in Embedded Systems


Parasoft C/C++test’s new compliance-focused features being showcased at Embedded World 2019


Nuremberg, Germany & Monrovia, CA – Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing, today announced the latest release of Parasoft C/C++test, their unified C and C++ development testing solution for embedded applications. The Parasoft C/C++test 10.4.2 release continues the product’s recent focus on reducing the manual burden of coding standards compliance and providing the most complete solution for testing C and modern C++ code. With this release, Parasoft C/C++test introduces the industry’s most comprehensive testing solution to comply with AUTOSAR C++ and address the challenges of developing safety-critical software in C++.

To request a free trial of Parasoft’s automated software testing tool suite for C and C++, please visit: https://www.parasoft.com/products/parasoft-c-ctest/

The AUTOSAR and MISRA consortiums recently announced the merger of their standards for C++ into a single industry standard, making AUTOSAR C++ the most important set of coding guidelines for safety-critical development with C++. Parasoft C/C++test now offers a packaged ruleset of automotive and security coding standards checkers, along with dedicated compliance reporting, helping automotive organizations achieve required levels of safety and security in their systems. Parasoft C/C++test already came equipped with full support for security standards such as CERT C, CERT C++, UL 2900, and MISRA, and this is now augmented with best-in-class support for the latest edition of the AUTOSAR C++ 14 coding guidelines.

Parasoft’s unique offering for the AUTOSAR C++ standard includes a collection of static analysis checkers grouped into a ready-to-use test configuration and a dedicated compliance reporting module, which facilitates the compliance process and automatically generates the documentation required by safety officers and independent auditors, significantly reducing the manual overhead of compliance activities.

“The most innovative software development teams across embedded industries are using more of the modern C++ language in their safety-critical designs, and the recent major update for the AUTOSAR C++ coding standard, along with its merger with MISRA, are focused on these safety-critical development teams,” said Miroslaw Zielinski, Parasoft C/C++test Product Manager. “With our latest release, Parasoft is strengthening its leadership in the market of coding standards compliance, augmenting its comprehensive solution for security with the most complete solution for safety-critical C++ development.”

In addition to specific updates for the AUTOSAR C++ coding standard, the new release of Parasoft C/C++test augmented several development workflows for compliance, with new capabilities including:

  • Improved support for application-level code coverage metrics:
    This release includes simplified integration with build systems and enhancements to the Parasoft C/C++test coverage module, to better support advanced coverage analysis required by safety standards, such as branch coverage, call-coverage, and MC/DC coverage.
  • Enhanced performance for advanced build systems:
    The static analysis engine responsible for monitoring compliance with pattern-based rules is now optimized to reduce analysis time, as a response to the growing size of code bases and the increasing use of advanced build systems like Bazel, which heavily utilize team-wide caching and an incremental approach to building source code.

For more information about Parasoft static analysis go to https://www.parasoft.com/solutions/static-code-analysis

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