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C/C++ Memory Debugging

C and C++ Memory Debugging

Identify sporadic memory corruption and defects that cause system crashes and expose security vulnerabilities.

The Ultimate Memory Debugger for C and C++

Parasoft Insure++ is a comprehensive memory debugging tool for C and C++ software developers. You can find erratic programming and memory-access errors, such as heap corruption, rogue threads, memory leaks, array out of bounds, and invalid pointers. Using a state-of-the-art code parser and hundreds of heuristics, Parasoft Insure++ also analyzes the application code and reports on several possible static violations.

How Does It Work?

Parasoft Insure++ is a runtime memory analysis and error-detection tool for C and C++ that automatically identifies a variety of difficult-to-find programming, memory-access, and security errors, along with potential defects and inefficiencies in memory usage.

During testing, Insure++ checks all types of memory references, including those to static (global), stack, and shared memory in either the user’s code or in your third-party libraries.

Parasoft’s Insure++’s memory analysis capabilities are based on patented source instrumentation algorithms. Source code instrumentation enables Insure++ to detect more error types than other memory error detection technologies, and provides complete information indicating the root causes of the errors found, using a full database of program elements and memory structures. There are two ways to use Insure++ for memory analysis and error detection.

Source Instrumentation Mode

The first and most detailed analysis is achieved with full source-code instrumentation. This requires that application sources be compiled and linked with Insure++, which generates its own instrumented files that are passed to the actual compiler.

Link Mode

Without source code instrumentation, by linking your application object code and libraries with Insure++, the tool can “spy” on the kernel/application program interface to detect errors such as leaks, bad memory references, standard API usage errors, and so on.


Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Find the Root Cause of Security Issues

With an increased awareness that security is no longer an optional consideration, it is critical to ensure that your applications are secure at the core. Use Parasoft Insure++ to protect from root security vulnerabilities stemming from memory issues, such as heap corruption, pointer abuse, buffer overflows, uninitialized memory, and undefined or implementation defined behavior.

Manage & Debug Your Memory Usage

Parasoft Insure++ helps users pinpoint where memory issues are, while providing tools to identify what’s going on both within the code and the memory. With built-in coverage analysis and dynamic memory visualization, you can find areas of the code that need to be exercised to check for errors and locate causes of heap fragmentation.

Find Memory Issues in Minutes

Successfully discover high risk bugs for business and safety-critical applications across industries like financial, transportation, automotive, aerospace and medical. Software development teams can find plaguing issues in weeks — or even minutes — with Parasoft Insure++.


Problems that use to take us several days or even weeks to track down, we are able to routinely find and fix in a few hours with Insure++.

- Hewlett Packard