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Enhanced Selenium Testing

Enhance Selenium Web UI Testing With Parasoft Selenic

Accelerate automation testing and improve the stability of Selenium tests with self-healing at runtime and AI-powered recommendations post-execution.

Accelerate Software Delivery While Ensuring a Reliable Customer Experience

Agile teams must provide an excellent user experience for application interfaces, and many have adopted Selenium as their testing framework of choice. However, Selenium test cases suffer from common UI testing challenges including maintainability, stability, and long execution times. Automation testing is critical to validate the customer experience.

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Benefit from the Parasoft Approach

Eliminate 50% of Your Build Failures

Parasoft Selenic keeps your test runs executing smoothly by finding and repairing failing tests on the fly. By self-healing your Selenium tests in the CI/CD pipeline, you spend less time chasing unstable Selenium tests and more time uncovering real issues.

Reduce Maintenance Time by 80%

Focus on real issues instead of chasing ghosts. Selenic’s AI-driven recommendations tell you exactly what’s broken and how to fix it, reducing Selenium testing maintenance from hours to minutes.

Jumpstart UI Test Creation

Selenic records UI interactions and creates Selenium tests using the Page Object Model to ensure maintainable Selenium test creation from the very beginning. This can give you a 30% jumpstart over other methods.

How Does It Work?

Leveraging AI to solve these challenges, Parasoft Selenic is a unique solution that works with regular Selenium tests, rather than locking users into a proprietary “Selenium-powered” platform like all other available solutions. Simply integrate Selenic into your current testing processes to see immediate results with your Selenium projects – no need to migrate or recreate the tests you’re already using. Parasoft Selenic accelerates automated testing and improves the stability of Selenium tests without changing your existing Selenium practice.

Selenium tests are unable to dynamically adapt to changes in the web applications or browsers. Selenic provides self-healing for broken locators and wait conditions at runtime to keep tests running and offers recommendations post-execution to help teams simultaneously move forward with release and deliver on the promise of Agile and DevOps. Selenic includes enhanced locator and wait condition strategies for enterprise application software such as Salesforce and Guidewire. It also enables assertions to be captured during recording and incorporated into Selenium tests in pure Java.


View Actionable Results

Integrated smart analytics with Parasoft DTP aggregates test results, test sources, recommendations, and more in interactive dashboards and reports. Selenium tests can be associated with requirements for traceability, and performance benchmarking capabilities generate early warnings for potential performance issues in your web applications.

Parasoft Selenic also helps you get a jumpstart on maintainable web UI automation testing with smart test creation. Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse IDEs facilitate Selenium test creation and maintenance, while integration with Applitools enables seamless integration of visual validation.