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Web UI Testing Tools & Solutions: Ensure Online CX

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and reliability in testing processes with web UI testing tools. Empower teams to test more, troubleshoot less, and elevate overall testing productivity.

Test More and Troubleshoot Less With Smarter Web UI Testing

Increase testing capacity and reduce troubleshooting time with Parasoft’s intelligent web UI testing tools, providing teams with comprehensive end-to-end testing and collaborative testing environments.

Simplify Test Creation With Record & Playback

Swiftly create robust tests with user-friendly record and playback. Contribute to testing effortlessly—no scripting is required.

Maximize Test Stability & Maintainability

Experience unparalleled test stability and reduce maintenance efforts using self-healing and AI-driven recommendations.

Validate Change Faster With Test Impact Analysis

Optimize test suites to run only the tests required to validate code changes, providing quicker feedback from the CI/CD pipeline.

Increase Team Testing Productivity

Streamline workflows, reduce wasted cycles, and optimize test execution for quicker insights and traceability.

Smarter Selenium Testing

Explore a smarter approach to Selenium testing with our innovative solutions. From self-healing at runtime to AI-driven recommendations, Parasoft’s tools redefine the Selenium testing experience.

How It Works

Selenic is a game-changer in Selenium testing. It combines self-healing and AI-driven features and seamless integrations with popular IDEs and Java frameworks. By automatically analyzing and healing tests at runtime, it ensures uninterrupted execution, minimizing disruptions in your testing pipeline.

Selenic simplifies test creation with UI recordings and the Page Object Model, enhancing test maintainability. Its AI heuristics diagnose failures, offering precise recommendations for quick issue resolution. Compatible with Eclipse, IntelliJ, JUnit, TestNG, and Cucumber, Selenic streamlines Selenium testing, empowering teams to create, maintain, and execute tests efficiently.

Screenshot of the Parasoft Selenic Analyzer Report showing a dashboard displaying percentages of run tests that passed and failed along with issues.

Overcome Challenges With Codeless UI Testing

Easily create automated web UI test cases with scriptless record and playback that can be incorporated into the larger end-to-end test strategy.

How It Works

Parasoft SOAtest is the ultimate multifunctional tool for streamlining API and functional test automation. It simplifies every aspect of web UI testing, enabling teams to:

  • Create tests scriptlessly for cross-browser validation, user acceptance testing, and client-side logic validation.
  • Parameterize test cases and perform assertions and validations on page elements without the need for intricate scripts.
  • Execute web UI tests in regression or as a part of end-to-end cross platform testing scenarios.
  • Repurpose existing test cases for security penetration testing.

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Screenshot of Parasoft SOAtest showing web UI test cases with scriptless record and playback.

Shift Left Web Accessibility Testing

Testing teams often grapple with the intricacies of WCAG guidelines. Manually ensuring adherence becomes a time-consuming challenge, leading to potential oversights and inaccuracies. The need for an integrated solution to effortlessly incorporate accessibility testing into existing frameworks is paramount.

How It Works

SOAtest’s Web Accessibility Scan offers a powerful solution for streamlining web accessibility testing within existing functional test frameworks. Utilizing Browser Playback, the tool seamlessly integrates accessibility checks into test execution, analyzing compliance with crucial WCAG guidelines.

Beyond a basic scan, teams can leverage its extensive rule set to target specific aspects like alt attributes, ARIA roles, form elements, and more. By excluding irrelevant elements and rules, developers and testers refine the testing scope to focus on critical aspects, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

This personalized approach ensures accessibility testing seamlessly aligns with the unique needs and challenges of individual web applications, streamlining compliance efforts and delivering reliable results.

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