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Microservices Testing

Testing Microservices With Parasoft SOAtest

Seamlessly Validate Your Microservices as a Part of Your Existing Functional Testing Strategy

Easily create end-to-end automated tests to validate the functionality of your microservices using Parasoft SOAtest. Scriptlessly create complex testing scenarios for reactive and orchestrated microservice architectures and reuse existing test cases for performance and security testing. Understand and track the impact of changes and immediately update impacted test cases. SOAtest’s tight integration with Parasoft Virtualize helps users leverage service virtualization to stabilize environments for successfully testing microservices. Use Parasoft CTP and DTP to collect code coverage across multiple distributed microservices and mitigate the risk of untested code slipping into production.

How Do You Test Microservices?

For organizations looking to capture new market opportunities, teams can embrace microservices for continuously releasing individual components in their application, rather than having to release the entire application as a whole. Microservice architectures enable you to focus on how a particular service is deployed, helping you scale individual components of your application without affecting the application as a whole.

Parasoft provides a comprehensive solution for testing microservices, supporting many microservice protocols (including HTTP(S), REST, RabbitMQ, gRPC, GraphQL, and Kafka) and message formats (such as JSON, XML, and protocol buffers), so you can fully test and isolate your microservices. Parasoft’s testing technologies also help you understand the impact of changes that microservices bring to your environment, while employing vital test automation that drives quality at speed.


Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Get Support for Microservices Protocols & Message Formats

SOAtest isolates and tests an individual microservice by communicating directly to the service or topic (via supported protocols and message formats) and listening or subscribing to responses. Parasoft can build these actions as individual test steps so you can assemble any message flow scenario.

Manage and Maintain Changing Microservices

Changes to API contracts put a maintenance burden on automation. Parasoft reduces this burden for API tests and virtual services with its Change Advisor feature. When contracts change, automated tests and virtual services can be bulk-refactored, allowing teams to keep up with Agile development.

Leverage Service Virtualization for Predictable Test Environments

Decouple your microservice from your test environments by simulating dependent services in the event stream and creating a predictable event flow for your test scenario. Parasoft SOAtest connects seamlessly to Parasoft Virtualize so microservice users can make use of service virtualization to stabilize testing.