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Service Virtualization

How Does Parasoft Virtualize Simplify Service Virtualization?

Reduce Environmental Constraints From Dependent Services That Are Unstable, Unavailable, or Out of Your Control

Service virtualization is critical to turn test automation into continuous testing. By simulating services that are out of your control or unavailable, Parasoft Virtualize’s easy-to-use workflows enable users to access complete and realistic test environments, enabling teams to develop and test their applications earlier and more completely.

How Does It Work?

To realize the benefits from Agile and DevOps initiatives, teams need instant access to their test environment, free of constraints. By applying service virtualization in testing environments, organizations can reduce or eliminate the dependence on unavailable, unstable, or costly dependencies, such as 3rd party services, databases, mainframes, etc. Parasoft Virtualize’s intuitive service virtualization solution makes it easy for users to create, scale, and share virtualized services.

With Parasoft Virtualize, developers can build integrations earlier, stabilize dependencies, and gain full control of their test data. Teams can move forward quickly without waiting for access to dependent services that are either incomplete or unavailable. Companies can enable partners to test against their applications with a dedicated sandbox environment.

Parasoft Virtualize enables testers to stabilize their test environment, get access to otherwise-inaccessible dependencies, and manage the complex business logic, test data, and performance characteristics required for their virtual services to behave just like the real services in the real environment they represent.

Parasoft Virtualize enables the enterprise to work more efficiently and reduce software development and testing overhead, by providing a place for testers, developers, and DevOps engineers to plan and coordinate testing activities in real or “virtual” environments that they can provision manually or as a part of their CI/CD process.


Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Truly Scriptless Service Virtualization From Simple to Complex

Other service virtualization solutions only get you so far, and require scripting for complex behavior, such as asynchronous responses, data looping, and stateful interactions. Parasoft Virtualize’s visual tools and support for 120+ message types get you all the way, from simple to complex. No scripting is required.

Intelligent Response Correlation

Unlike other service virtualization solutions, which only provide a limited set of tools and techniques for modeling service behavior, Parasoft Virtualize provides intelligent correlation and 50+ visual tools to make the process of building your business logic easier and more comprehensive.

Understand and Remediate Changes to Services

Instead of having to manually investigate services as they change, Parasoft automatically identifies the impact of changes and provides the user with a template to remediate and bulk-update affected services.

Thin-Client Ecosystem for Environment Management

Parasoft Virtualize is the only solution with an intuitive browser-based interface that enables users to manage test environments, virtual services, test data, and performance characteristics without scripting. This accelerates the CI/CD pipeline by making deployment, configuration, and provisioning more automated and straightforward.

See the Value of Parasoft Virtualize

Want to see how much service virtualization can benefit your testing processes?

Use this handy calculator to assess how Parasoft Virtualize can help you decrease the time and costs of application testing by reducing constraints in the environment.

Just enter the number of people on your development and testing teams along with inputs for test environments, defects, and delivery delays. You’ll get a calculation that projects the value of the potential benefits you could experience by implementing the Parasoft service virtualization solution in your organization.

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