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Test Data Management Tools & Solutions

Take control of test data management with virtual test data. Create safe, secure, realistic test data on demand to reach new heights in testing velocity and efficiency.

Test Data Management

Say Goodbye to Test Data Constraints

Tired of waiting on test data? Remove the hurdles of traditional test data management (TDM) and provisioning. Accelerate testing cycles by generating safe, secure, and reliable virtual test data to  provision as needed.

Test Data on Demand

Rapidly generate virtual test data on demand from data models or existing data sets to enhance testing coverage and accuracy.

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Safe & Secure Virtual Test Data

Easily generate data that covers all your testing needs, ensures privacy, and doesn’t require access to production systems for testing.

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Accelerate Test Data Provisioning

Eliminate the need for time-consuming, manual data preparation by generating customizable virtual datasets.

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Test Data on Demand

Break away from the constraints of traditional test data management practices with on-demand virtual test data. Easily and rapidly generate diverse datasets that can be tailored to specific test scenarios, enabling comprehensive testing strategies without relying on production data.

How It Works

Parasoft’s modern approach to test data combines TDM with service virtualization to deliver data simulation, enabling testing teams to control their own datasets. With Parasoft’s TDM solution testing, teams can: 

  • Automatically generate data models by recording interactions in their systems with Parasoft Virtualize proxies or through external traffic sniffers like Wireshark or Fiddler. 
  • Leverage data models to generate required test data for use in virtual services or testing scenarios. 
  • Enable multiple team members to manage and manipulate the test data with Parasoft CTP’s web client interface where they can collaborate and share data artifacts with the entire organization.
  • Snapshot data to easily roll forward and backward in time as needed. 
  • Add constraints to the test data for subsetting, making it easy to deliver exactly the required data for specific testing needs.
  • Extend the structure of generated data to ensure tests include new data fields in the application.
  • Enable developers to easily reproduce reported issues reliably in their environments by sharing test datasets with them.

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Screenshot of Parasoft CTP UI showing a test data model.

Generate Safe & Secure Virtual Test Data

Generate safe and secure test data that doesn’t require access to production systems for testing. Easily mask or subset test data to safeguard against the exposure of sensitive production data. 

Screenshot of Parasoft CTP UI showing how to mask test data.

How It Works

Unlike conventional methods of TDM that rely on storing and managing large volumes of production data, virtual test data generation operates on a subset of recorded data. Virtual test data can mirror real-life datasets while masking sensitive information to ensure compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS and GDPR. By creating synthetic data that mirrors real-world scenarios without exposing confidential information, Parasoft’s TDM solution eliminates the risks associated with data breaches and compliance violations. 

Decoupling testing from live production data and moving to virtual test data generation enhances security and promotes safer, more agile testing environments, which empower organizations to innovate with confidence while safeguarding critical assets.

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Accelerate Test Data Provisioning

Alleviate testing bottlenecks associated with test data provisioning. Generate on-demand, diverse, and customizable virtual datasets to reduce dependencies on external data sources and enable testers to efficiently conduct tests without delays caused by data acquisition or preparation processes.

How It Works

Parasoft’s TDM solution eliminates the need for manual data extraction and sanitization processes, dramatically accelerating the test data provisioning cycle. Leveraging virtual test data alleviates the constraints imposed by limited access to production data or the complexities of managing large datasets. For example, when: 

  • Test data is owned and supplied by a third-party integration partner. 
  • The product data contains sensitive information, requiring long sanitization processes to mask personal identifiable information and ensure the data is safe for testing purposes. 
  • Test data is shared across multiple testing teams, causing test data pollution, which can lead to inaccurate testing results and test data needing to be consistently reprovisioned. 

Virtual test data generation ensures that testing teams have access to the necessary datasets precisely when they need them, minimizing downtime and streamlining the overall testing workflow.

Screenshot of the Parasoft CTP UI showing how users can reset test data to its original state, accelerating test data provisioning steps.