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Build security into your software development process from the beginning

Software security is critical in today's connected world. You have to secure your application to secure your customers, because when your application goes down, leaks data, or behaves maliciously, it negatively impacts them. Parasoft provides automated software testing solutions that help developers and testers efficiently scan, test, and analyze code for potential security vulnerabilities.

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

Develop code to meet robust security standards

Develop code to meet robust security standards

Parasoft users can build security into their development process from the beginning by automatically checking code directly from the IDE to ensure that it’s compliant with industry and government regulations such as CWE, CERT, OWASP, or PCI DSS.

Build secure applications to address today’s risks

Build secure applications to address today’s risks

Use Parasoft to validate that you’ve built a secure application by leveraging penetration testing and fuzzing. Then combine security testing with deep coverage analysis to pinpoint internal attack vectors and ensure you’ve thoroughly protected your application.

Leverage security sandboxes

Leverage security sandboxes

Use Parasoft’s intuitive service virtualization solution to test your application in a security sandbox, enabling testing without damaging the real environment. Simulate real-world conditions of components, both inside and outside the firewall.

Get deeper insight into risks

Get deeper insight into risks

With Parasoft’s centralized reporting dashboard, get a unique consolidated view of hidden security problems in the code. Combine static analysis results with API and web vulnerability reports, to get a complete view of security risk and make informed decisions before you release.

Parasoft's Complete Solution for Software Security

To quickly identify and correct defects before they are propagated through the development cycle (or worse, released to market), Parasoft’s software testing solutions span both software development and software testing.

Parasoft’s security-focused testing suite includes static analysis, unit testing, API testing, and service virtualization, the results of which are aggregated in Parasoft’s centralized reporting system for automated risk dashboards, compliance reports, and advanced analytics to support developers, testers, and managers through the secure development lifecycle process in today’s highly-connected IoT, embedded, and enterprise applications. Parasoft's security solutions support developers working in C, C++, Java, and C# programming languages.

Identify the internal paths taken during individual security tests that executed against specific files in the codebase. Parasoft's sophisticated coverage traceability enables a security-focused approach to testing.

Parasoft enables teams to get quick access to detailed information about security violations, to prioritize findings and automatically initiate remediation workflows.

Leverage Parasoft’s unique window into the evolving impact of code changes in your application. Dynamic, build-based security audits help users get a handle on the risks added from changes to the codebase during active development cycles.

The CWE Top 25 project, funded by the US government, is a great way to harden your application. The Top 25 issues get you started. Long term, you can comply with the full set of CWEs to lock your application down completely.

CERT standards are critical for helping improve your application and software security. In some areas, CERT compliance may be mandated by industry and government regulations. With Parasoft, you can quickly make sure your code is CERT-safe.

Set up your development infrastructure so PCI DSS compliance is a simple, organic part of your process, rather than a tedious data collection exercise.

OWASP is a great place to get started with security and has the foundations for doing the job right. Parasoft enables to teams to check for the OWASP Top 10 out-of-the-box.

Security solutions from Parasoft

Benefit from the Parasoft Approach

Release secure software by leveraging intelligent test automation.

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By deploying Parasoft C/C++test as our coding standard analysis tool, we have decreased the amount of coding violations by 80%; a significant improvement on our development/testing process.

- Samsung

Why Parasoft?

Parasoft provides the most comprehensive solution for building security into your application according to the latest cybersecurity research and standards. With more automation than any other tool vendor, Parasoft enhances rich static analysis and development testing focused on security, with penetration testing that can be automated, and service virtualization that enables teams to verify the entire application reach.