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IoT Device Testing

Create reliable, scalable, and secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications.

Ensuring the success of IoT and IIoT (Industrial IoT) projects is especially challenging across safety and mission critical industries (such as medical devices, automotive, industrial automation, manufacturing and utilities) because applications, services, and devices need to work as expected, work in combination with each other, and work within existing and evolving networking infrastructure. With the right set of tools from Parasoft, you can comprehensively test your IoT software and release with confidence.

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

Achieve device and application security

Achieve device and application security

Parasoft’s automated software testing tool suite provides the necessary tools to test all aspects of IoT security, from the edge device to the enterprise services. Parasoft’s static analysis tools help companies implement and maintain secure coding standards and reduce security vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle.

Product safety and liability from malfunction, attacks, and data theft

Product safety and liability from malfunction, attacks, and data theft

IoT devices can expose the customer to harm when misused, and expose the manufacturer to liability for that harm. Devices and services for safety-critical applications, such as automotive or medical systems, require further attention and scrutiny. Parasoft’s test automation solutions provide the tools you need to test these critical applications completely.

Scale an IoT solution from the edge device to the enterprise

Scale an IoT solution from the edge device to the enterprise

Parasoft is unique in providing software testing solutions suited to IoT systems that span from the edge to the enterprise. IoT relies on services and devices that consume those services. Parasoft’s testing solutions provide both device testing and service-based testing of IoT applications.

Parasoft Solutions for IoT Device Testing

Building quality into an IoT application starts by deploying robust code on the device itself. Parasoft provides static code analysis to enforce industry best practices, enabling you to secure the code as it is being written and avoid the pitfalls that result in unreliable embedded devices.

Parasoft’s unit testing tools for C/C++ and Java help teams efficiently test and isolate the device code, while code coverage provides visibility into the parts of the code that have been tested, helping you build a solid foundation for your IoT system.

IoT devices communicate back to centralized hubs and up to the cloud through APIs, which are notoriously difficult to test because they often don't have a user interface (e.g., a medical pacemaker or automotive brake system). Parasoft SOAtest helps teams thoroughly test their APIs across a wide array of message formats and protocols (including HTTP(S), MQTT, WebSockets, and AMQP/RabbitMQ), to validate message integrity, performance timing, and security vulnerabilities, and enable IoT API developers to find and quickly fix vulnerabilities earlier in the development process.

Security is a huge concern for IoT products, and safety considerations are relevant to particular use cases. Parasoft’s solutions help customers build safety and security into the design, development, and testing of their products, rather than trying to tackle these requirements late in the software development process.

Test automation plays a critical role in achieving safety and security by design, by replacing tedious processes that are too time consuming to do manually while still achieving desired time to market. Parasoft provides safety-certified testing tools, static and dynamic analysis, and service-level tools that make the difference between first-to-market and never released.

For many device manufacturers, it's difficult to test devices in a real-world deployment without constructing large-scale tests or, as is common, fix the bugs after the product is released. Similarly, service providers need a way to test their functionality, security, and scalability with a large number of connected devices.

The IoT ecosystem is huge and duplicating this complexity in a test lab is an overwhelming task using traditional testing methods. A complete virtual operating environment solves this problem by simulating all dependent components plus a full suite of test stimuli. Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft Virtualize have wide support for IoT protocols and the ability to virtualize different types of endpoints as needed.

Knowing what parts of an application or device has been tested is critical in understanding how ready it is to be deployed and released to the market. In addition, it’s critical to understand how much of an impact changes to the code have on other code and tests.

Parasoft measures code coverage file-by-file, test-by-test, and build-by-build during the entire project. Parasoft’s Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) then provides insight and analysis from this data, providing not just code coverage but also constantly measuring the impact of changes as the software team converges on a release.

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Reduce the cost of developing high-quality software, without sacrificing time-to-market.

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By deploying Parasoft C/C++test as our coding standard analysis tool, we have decreased the amount of coding violations by 80%; a significant improvement on our development/testing process.

- Samsung

Why Parasoft?

Combining code-level and protocol/message-level testing practices with virtual test environments, Parasoft provides a complete solution to ensure reliable, scalable, and secure IoT initiatives.