Reduce environmental constraints from dependent services that are unstable, unavailable, or out of your control

Service virtualization is critical to turn test automation into continuous testing. By simulating services that are out of your control or unavailable, Parasoft Virtualize’s easy-to-use workflows enable users to access complete and realistic test environments, enabling teams to develop and test their applications earlier and more completely.

Service Virtualization

How does it work?

To realize the benefits from agile and DevOps initiatives, teams need instant access to their test environment, free of constraints. By applying service virtualization in testing environments, organizations can reduce or eliminate the dependence on unavailable, unstable, or costly dependencies, such as 3rd party services, databases, mainframes, etc. Parasoft Virtualize’s intuitive service virtualization solution makes it easy for users to create, scale, and share virtual services. 

With Parasoft Virtualize, developers can build integrations earlier, stabilize dependencies, and gain full control of their test data. Teams are able to move forward quickly without waiting for access to dependent services that are either incomplete or unavailable.

Parasoft Virtualize enables testers to stabilize their test environment, get access to otherwise-inaccessible dependencies, and manage the complex business logic, test data, and performance characteristics required for their virtual services to behave just like the real services in the real environment they represent.

Parasoft Virtualize enables the enterprise to work more efficiently and reduce software development and testing overhead, by providing a place for testers, developers, and DevOps engineers to plan and coordinate testing activities in real or "virtual" environments that they can provision manually or as a part of their CI/CD process.

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Simulate services and complete test environments by capturing live system behavior, importing service descriptions (Swagger/OpenAPI, RAML, WSDL), or manually creating them from example payloads. Simulate any system interaction (REST APIs, web services, mainframes, databases, Java API calls, plus an additional industry-leading 120+ protocols/message types), and share virtual services easily across the team and with build automation, using Parasoft’s web interface and integrations with source control systems.

By using virtual services, developers can start integration work even before a new service is built or available. On the testing side, testing can be performed more often since unstable dependencies can be replaced with stable virtual services, and users can create and configure these virtual services right on the desktop or in the browser, without having to set up a complex supporting infrastructure.

Virtual services created in Parasoft Virtualize can be built without any scripting knowledge at all, with multiple visual tools built into its robust and intuitive user interface.

Your virtual services need to recover form change as fast (or faster) than their real counterparts. To lower your maintenance cost, Parasoft Virtualize’s Change Advisor proactively scans API interfaces, looking for changes in the services, and then identifies how the virtual services are impacted by those changes. Automated workflows then help users easily update impacted virtual services and test data as necessary.

To keep track of all these changes, Parasoft fully supports versioning by storing all relevant data as comparable files that are compatible with standard version control systems.

Easily configure complex test conditions (e.g. "what-if," security, fail-over, performance, and negative test scenarios), and uncover hidden performance issues in your application under test by controlling the performance of the service, for load testing or slow network simulation. Users can easily configure a variety of scenarios by dynamically data-driving service virtualization from external data sources, including Parasoft’s powerful data repository infrastructure.

Parasoft Virtualize’s thin-client interface makes it easy to collaborate with the team. From the web interface, users can create deployments on-the-fly for automated testing, monitor and configure the test environment, capture real traffic, and get a detailed view of requests and responses.

Parasoft Virtualize is the only solution with an integrated test data management system, enabling greater flexibility when building virtual services. Unlike other service virtualization solutions with separate test data management systems that require data to be imported into the virtual ecosystem, Parasoft Virtualize’s test data solution is built on top of Parasoft Virtualize, allowing users to easily capture, manage, model, generate, and secure test data, and ultimately build more comprehensive virtual services that are easier to maintain.

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