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MISRA C:2012 AMD 3: What You Need to Know

Webinar title text: MISRA C:2012 Amendment 3 What You Need to Know

MISRA completely dominates the landscape of coding guidelines for safe and secure C and C++ code. MISRA C in particular is a go-to standard for embedded dev teams. It’s essential for these teams that write embedded C and C++ code to get complete coverage for the new coding guidelines introduced in MISRA C 2023 and MISRA C 2012 AMD4.

Watch this session to learn how Parasoft, a participant in MISRA’s C and C++ working groups, can help your organization achieve the most complete coverage.

  • Learn about the structure of the MISRA C standard and the role of supporting documents.
  • Discover essential restrictions in the use of atomics and multithreading.
  • Watch a live demo showing coding compliance to MISRA C 2023 in a CI/CD workflow.

Ricardo Camacho, Director Regulatory Software Safety & Security Compliance Product Management
Miroslaw Zielinski – Director of Product Management
Michal Rozenau – Project Lead Software Engineer Development