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Public Sector

Automate Testing for Secure and Reliable Government Software Development

Integrate Test Automation Into DevSecOps

Parasoft’s automated testing tools integrate seamlessly with modern DevSecOps processes, enabling the development of high-quality and secure government software. Whether applications are developed in-house or outsourced, our tools ensure the utmost quality and security to meet the complex needs of today’s government requirements.

Solve the Challenges of Public Sector Software Development

Build Secure Code

Incorporate stringent coding security standards into the development workflow to safeguard confidential and sensitive government data from cyberattacks. By integrating mandatory security practices into the development process, including automated testing and compliance, security becomes an inherent part of the software development lifecycle.

Enforce Accountability

When government agencies opt to outsource software development, maintaining visibility into the process can be challenging. With Parasoft’s automated testing tools, you can seamlessly integrate and access testing results from all testing practices and code sources, whether developed in-house or outsourced. This provides a unified view of testing gaps and software vulnerabilities, ensuring comprehensive visibility and control over the development process.

Balance Modern With Legacy

As the government modernizes its software development approach, the adoption of DevSecOps, containers, and testing in the cloud becomes imperative. However, integration with legacy systems presents a unique challenge. With Parasoft’s automated testing solutions, you can ensure the development of quality and secure code, regardless of the development environment. Our Continuous Quality Testing Platform allows government agencies to modernize their software development practices while effectively integrating with legacy systems.

How Parasoft Helps Government Software Development

Government software development is complex and challenging. Agencies often outsource development to third-party vendors but are still ultimately responsible for the delivery of reliable, scalable, and secure software. Integrating DevSecOps workflows while modernizing computing systems is also difficult for the public sector. Parasoft delivers the continuous visibility and traceability into testing you need to ensure the integrity of your applications.