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A leading European insurance company has continued expanding over the years with offerings from funeral insurance and funeral services to life and savings insurance. The customer-focused company has more than 1,500 employees distributed across multiple locations. There are several hundred people working in the head office and 160 are on the Information Technology (IT) team.

As part of the IT team, the product owner and manager of testing and monitoring is responsible for test tooling. Her team provides support to the IT teams concerning testing and monitoring services. With an initiative to modernize multiple legacy systems, they engaged with a consulting services firm to implement end-to-end testing.

The Challenges

The insurance company has multiple channels and multiple systems that interconnect and integrate with each other. Over the next several years, the organization’s IT teams will replace the larger part of the legacy systems with an event-based architecture shifting towards a dynamic multi cloud.

Multiple applications that need to be replaced are for insurance products and the funeral management applications. They include both internal customer service applications and external-facing software.

The challenge for the IT team is twofold:

  • Modernizing their applications’ legacy systems.
  • Efficiently testing this complex web of interconnected and integrated channels and systems.

Finding a Solution

After evaluating service virtualization tools, including one from a competitor of Parasoft, the company performed a proof of concept and determined that Parasoft Virtualize integrated with the Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform (CTP) was the better solution. The reasons include:

  • Working with a large set of protocols.
  • Stubbing for connections.
  • Alignment with applications, including support for Azure.
  • Easy to ramp up with a low learning curve.
  • Excellent customer support from product experts.
  • Better support for tooling.

To get the IT team started, Parasoft provided a customized onsite implementation and training. They approached walking through the tools from the perspectives of each user’s role.

“It was a warm feeling. Parasoft really took us seriously. What also made the difference was the tool itself. Virtualize had much more capabilities. It connected much better with our applications.”

—Product & Testing Team Manager at Leading Insurance Company

The Results

The company’s IT team uses Parasoft Virtualize to test their internal customer service application with its pre-defined workflows. Thanks to the Parasoft solution, the team was able to move forward more autonomously with their testing activities. They needed the capability to continue their test efforts.

Ultimately, Parasoft Virtualize saved them valuable time. It also reduced the dependency on and wait times for the availability of external services and systems.

The company uses Parasoft CTP for environment management. It enables them to:

  • Easily switch external connections from real connections to specific simulations and vice versa.
  • Monitor and record traffic between applications to gain insight into behavior.
  • Build stateful simulations with the use of performance profiles and the new tools within Parasoft Virtualize.

With excitement and enthusiasm, the company continues to expand the use and adoption of Parasoft Virtualize, which enables the teams to work more autonomously. They apply the testing solution as projects arise and demand grows. They’re advocates because the combination of Parasoft Virtualize and CTP provides the IT teams with:

  • Highly customizable simulations, including stateful simulations.
  • User-friendly test data management and environment management.
  • Local support for training including assistance with pilot execution and solution implementation.

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  • Industry: Insurance
  • Company Size: 1,500
  • Solutions: Virtualize, CTP