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Justid (short for the Justice Information Service), one of the information technology services within the Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands, develops and maintains a portfolio of applications and solutions for use by partners in the judicial information chains of the ministry.

The Challenges

Justid determined that quickly delivering reliable and stable applications required building and maintaining automatic checks and verifications on both functional and nonfunctional requirements. These checks needed to be an integrated part of the continuous integration layer in their DTAP environments.

Justid’s software services include the following:

  • The Justice Documentation System, which is used to analyze antecedents of citizens in case of judicial involvement.
  • The services of the Person and Identity Repository, which have been recognized as being part of judicial involvement.
  • An Information Portal for detainees and prisoners where the penitentiary residence time and accommodation addresses can be monitored.
  • Generic services and information exchange used by partners in youth care.
  • Services to scan and archive procedural documents including judgments and orders.

The Approach

To build, maintain, and enhance quality in these software products, Justid increasingly uses Parasoft SOAtest and LoadTest during the software development lifecycle. In addition to functional and regression tests, Justid also uses the tools in conducting load and performance tests.

Testers as well as developers began to use the tools more and more as they became part of the continuous integration layer that Justid builds upon its DTAP-environments. Justid now combines tools like Jenkins with Parasoft to automatically verify several checks and tests, designed in Parasoft SOAtest.

Together with the unit tests that are automatically processed, this verification ensures high-quality delivery in the releases on Test and Acceptance environments. Using Parasoft enables testers to extend test coverage by preparing and conducting more intelligent software tests, which require high professional attention.

The Results

In close cooperation with their customers and among them also the technical maintenance team, Justid performs load and performance tests with Parasoft LoadTest, which gives their teams a quality indicator on the technical properties of the applications, and ensures their partners and customers that the applications successfully passed the sequential quality checks. Compare this with the process of buying (and next to that the maintenance on) your car: as a customer, you would be satisfied to see that the periodic quality checks and maintenance that is necessary to prevent future damage or failure of systems and interfaces, is performed well, or even as a standard service. Translated to the lean approach: customer satisfaction and intimacy, closely related to operational excellence, now gives Justid the combination of customer excellence, and Parasoft plays a big role here.

With Parasoft’s assistance, the Justice Information Service can sustain a high productivity level, of rapidly delivering new functionality without having to compromise the strong commitment to product quality that is necessary for the judicial information chains. Early detection and prevention eliminate time wasted debugging applications later in the process, which ultimately enables Justid to achieve their goal of delivering new functionality faster, at the same quality level as their judicial partners are used to.

Parasoft also supports the organization with on-site training, personal guidance, and support, and thus contributes to building, maintaining, and enhancing the automatic functional and
regression test sets. Connecting other users of Parasoft products from several government authorities, in knowledge sessions in which product features are shared, caused the Justice Information Service to extend and grow rapidly using Parasoft products SOAtest and LoadTest.

After a period of getting used to the more technical interface, Justid was impressed with how well Parasoft supports all kinds of needs and approaches in testing the different software products the organization maintains. The wide range of possibilities and configurations to get to the heart of an application to be tested gives developers as well as testers lots of freedom and encourages creative thinking to the application under test.

Being able to process all kinds of messages, testing the several web and REST services, and together test front-end user interfaces with the build-in Selenium webdriver, made Parasoft a powerful toolset that could be used more and more in all the Justid DevOps teams.

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