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Stressed About Performance Testing? Simulate It!

Stressed About Performance Testing? Simulate It! on left with high-tech graphic on right

Preparing your software application to handle peak loads and high-volume conditions is vital, whether your business is seasonal operations like e-commerce during holiday seasons, a ticketing system for big events, a live streaming service hosting the World Cup, or a financial institute that must provide seamless transactions.

Load and performance testing, along with the creation of a simulated environment for testing, is your key to success. This combination provides the understanding of how your application will behave under high-stress circumstances and ensures stability and performance.

In this webinar, we discuss how to:

  • Reuse API tests to integrate load and performance testing into your CI/CD workflow.
  • Simulate a real end user experience without the cost of a complete performance testing environment.
  • Leverage virtual data for on-demand performance testing and bypass the constraints of production data.