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SOAtest & LoadTest

Complete enterprise-grade testing for business-critical transactions

  • Industry leader since 2002
  • Recognized for "ease for use", intuitive interface
  • Extensive protocol & technology support
  • End-to-end testing across multiple endpoints (services, ESBs, databases, mainframes, web UI, ERPs...)
  • Advanced automated test generation
  • Designed to support continuous testing

Simple Generation of Flexible, Extensible Tests

From a user-friendly interface, generate tests by monitoring live application traffic or analyzing key application resources. Intuitive GUIs visualize message structures, making it simple to fine-tune test messages and validations for GUI-less services and APIs. Parasoft's tests are engineered for easy sharing, reuse, and extension. Generated tests are easily extended and parameterized with data source values.

Repeatable Automated End-to-End Testing

Using automatically-generated tests as building blocks, rapidly define complex test scenarios that exercise and validate business transactions across multiple endpoints. From the messaging layer, to the web UI, to the database, ESB, and mainframes, the intuitive interface makes it simple to validate whether business logic satisfies expectations. Easy integration with continuous integration platforms ensures that critical errors are exposed immediately.

Simulate the Behavior of Dependencies

Testing efforts are often delayed and/or compromised due to difficulty accessing or configuring dependent components (3rd party applications or services, databases, mainframes, etc.). Parasoft Service Virtualization enables rapid, flexible simulation of these dependencies' behavior, giving testers unconstrained access to—and unparalleled control over—the dependent components they need to test against. This promotes earlier, faster, and more complete testing.

Defect Prevention and Detection

Since the success of an API ultimately hinges upon the security, reliability, and performance of its core application logic, Parasoft's solution also extends into development testing. This helps you prevent and detect defects in the underlying Java, C, C++, or .NET code. Parasoft offers the industry's most comprehensive development solution, including static analysis, code review, unit testing, code coverage analysis, runtime error detection, and more.

Rich Multi-Layer Validation

For thorough validation, you can create assertions to ensure that business logic operates correctly at any step/layer involved in an end-to-end transaction. Moreover, test suites can be automatically configured for continuous regression testing—alerting you to unexpected changes while ignoring irrelevant differences.

Event Tracing and Validation

Message/event monitoring visualizes and traces how messages and events flow through ESBs, message brokers, applications, databases, and more as tests execute—facilitating rapid diagnosis of problems directly from the test environment. Regression controls and validations can be applied at any point in the process.

Easy Extensibility

The solution is designed to enable sophisticated testing without scripting. However, if you ever want to add custom functionality or logic to your tests, you can easily integrate custom scripts or tools into your testing environment. This means that almost any testing situation can be handled with ease, even if the situation is not directly supported by our solution.

Test Management

Parasoft's solution integrates with Parasoft Environment Manager, HP ALM Center, Rational TestManager, Microsoft VSTS, and other commercial or internally-built frameworks to manage tests and execution results. You can correlate test cases with requirements and defects, automate scheduled test execution, and obtain consolidated results in the format you choose—or within the test management framework you already have in place.

Data Sheet

Get a quick overview of how Parasoft SOAtest can help you protect the integrity of your enterprise services and APIs.


Parasoft SOAtest is available for desktop or server licensing. Please contact us to learn more about which edition best suits your organization's environment.

What our Customers Are Saying

We searched the market and SOAtest was the only tool that fit our requirements. The flexibility of the solution was unique. So was the support we received from Parasoft in the background – some of the best I ever saw.

Stefan Potzel, EAI Manager, Siemens

Developers are only human. They make mistakes. That's normal. We use Parasoft to ensure the results we get are what we expected. It allows us to produce test suites that we can reuse in other projects without writing again and again. We gain significant productivity benefits from being able to reuse the test assets.

Stefan Potzel, EAI Manager, Siemens

The project team reduced regression testing efforts by at least 20% by using Parasoft versus the efforts that would have been put forth if we had performed regression testing manually.

Michael Herrman, Project Manager Lufthansa Cargo

From a project perspective, this was a big success for us. It helped me achieve my targets. The biggest advantage for me is the efficiency of the test process now in operation. I was able to hand over a complete set of test cases to the operations organization where we used our 'ten minutes regression test'. Ten minute regression testing would not be possible without this solution.

Michael Herrman, Project Manager Lufthansa Cargo

"The [Lufthansa Cargo AG] SDB project is now completed and Parasoft's solution was a critical success factor for the overall project. The solution enabled me to stick to my original plan and budget. Now, after seeing the excellent results of the project, I strongly believe that it would not have been possible to accomplish this level of high quality without Parasoft."

Michael Herrman, Project Manager Lufthansa Cargo

We found SOAtest and we ran with it...We quickly saw that the product had a lot of powerful features that would help us automate our testing activities and processes. Parasoft SOAtest was able to support all the latest standards; we were able to test all areas of our APIs.

Natalie Doan,QA Engineer, Medicalert

We have to ensure members have an effective experience and that data is there when you need it in an emergency. The data must be valid and correct. It must be rapidly and correctly updated. Parasoft helps us ensure these objectives are consistently met.

Natalie Doan, QA Engineer, Medicalert

"Parasoft SOAtest was clearly the easiest product to work with. That was a key issue for us. The users of the testing tools were not programmers. We knew the tool had to be very user friendly...The work changed from manual labor to the development of interesting test cases. A lot of manual labor disappeared and was outmoded. This enabled us to speed up the development cycle. We could now generate a release every three days instead of every three weeks. "

Martin Folkerts, Test Coordinator, Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs

Parasoft SOAtest was more intuitive and user-friendly than the other products we looked at...It can be used straight out of the box—no adjustments or customizations necessary.

Lilach Shalev, QA Lead, FundTech

Parasoft provides the ability to record our test scripts, create a regression set in one click for each functionality tested, and save the tests in a common repository. Most importantly, once our QA team confirms and saves the test results, the differences in each regression execution are compared automatically with no manual intervention necessary

Lilach Shalev, QA Lead, FundTech

"I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle the learning curve for Parasoft is compared to other competing products."

Paul Oakes, Principal QA Engineer, AOL

"The solution is quite intuitive and allowed us to develop the scenario-based tests that we wanted for our regression testing."

Gareth Galvin, QA Manager, atex

"SOAtest has allowed us to implement an automated and repeatable testing process with the breadth of coverage needed to ensure every release is stable, meets requirements and prevents critical errors from reaching production."

Brandon Steele, Business Development & Systems Analyst, Sabre Holdings

Parasoft SOAtest provided all the functionality that we needed in the scope of the project. And, even though the ability to script was provided, we didn't have to use it because the functionality we needed was available through the GUI of the tool. Thus, all of the tests for this project were created without coding.

Victor Tsemko, Technical Analyst, Aeroplan

"Without Parasoft SOAtest, the quality of testing for our project would suffer because there's no way we would be able to do all those tests in the time frame that we had. We would have had to make some compromises."

Victor Tsemko, Technical Analyst, Aeroplan

"As we continue to leverage Web Services to deliver critical business data, it is imperative that our security infrastructure is trusted and reliable. Parasoft SOAtest's capability to automatically generate penetration tests custom to our Web Services implementation provides me with the assurance that our services are truly production ready."

Cort Buche, McGraw-Hill Construction

Supported Environments

Parasoft supports all the standard protocols and technologies, including:


Protocols & Technologies

  • JMS
  • MQ
  • Equifax
  • FTP
  • ISO 8583
  • FIX
  • Protobuf
  • JDBC
  • .NET
  • XML
  • REST
  • Swagger
  • RAML
  • WADL
  • SAML
  • Web Services
  • SOAP
  • TCP/IP
  • WSDL
  • WS-*
  • WS-Security
  • XML Schema
  • XPath
  • CTG
  • IMS
  • DRDA
  • DB2
  • ODBC
  • More/Custom


  • JMS Providers
  • WebSphere MQ
  • ActiveMQ
  • Apache Qpid
  • GlassFish MQ
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
  • IBM WebSphere MQ (MQ Series)
  • JBoss JMS
  • Open Message Queue (OpenMQ)
  • Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ)
  • Oracle BEA WebLogic
  • Progress Sonic MQ
  • Sun Java System Message Queue (Sun MQ)
  • Sun JMS
  • Other JMS Providers
  • Application Servers
  • WebSphere Application
  • .NET
  • JBoss
  • Tomcat
  • GlassFish
  • Geronimo
  • Resin
  • More/Other Servers
  • SOA, ESB and other Platforms and Technologies
  • SoftwareAG CentraSite
  • AquaLogic Enterprise Repository
  • AmberPoint
  • WebSphere ESB
  • Oracle Fusion
  • SoftwareAG IS
  • Sonic ESB
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix
  • IBM Mainframe (zLinux, zOS)
  • More/Other platforms
Message Formats

Message Formats

  • XML
  • ebXML
  • SOAP
  • JSON
  • EDI
  • Fixed Length
  • HL7
  • Java Objects
  • Bytes/Binary
  • Copybook
  • More/Custom

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