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Accessibility Testing

Web Accessibility Testing With Parasoft SOAtest

Shift left accessibility testing by reusing existing SOAtest web UI test cases to scan for issues related to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Avoid Late-Stage Rework: Shift Left Web Accessibility Testing

Shifting left accessibility testing is crucial. It allows for early detection and remediation of accessibility issues in the development process, ensuring that digital products are inclusive and usable for all users from the outset. Leverage Parasoft SOAtest to codelessly repurpose its web functional tests for accessibility testing.

Extend Your Web Functional Test Strategy

Empower automation testers to check for web accessibility issues related to WCAG as a part of their day-to-day testing activities. Easily and codelessly create web functional tests in SOAtest and add our accessibility testing tool extension to scan web pages for WCAG violations.

Test Early and Often

By checking for accessibility issues earlier in the SDLC, teams that must align with WCAG and go through formal audit processes can minimize the amount of late-stage remediation work needed to gain compliance. Integrate SOAtest’s CLI into CI/CD pipelines to continuously check for issues related to WCAG.

Accessibility Testing Features