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Web UI Testing

Web UI Testing Ensures Flawless Online Customer Experiences

Today’s consumers are savvy, busy, and know the difference between a good and bad website experience. Web UI testing tools ensure that web-based interactions are flawless and frustration-free to meet high expectations.

Improve Your Application's Web UI Experience

Today’s consumers are savvy, busy, and know the difference between a good and bad website experience. Parasoft’s web UI testing tools ensure that their web-based interactions are flawless and frustration-free to meet high expectations.

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Create a Compelling User Experience With Web UI Testing Tools

One Test for Every Browser and Platform

Chrome. Firefox. Safari. iPad. Android phones. Your web-based application must function as intended on every browser-device combination. Comprehensive testing to check off every possibility can be labor-intensive. Parasoft’s intelligent web UI testing automates the process while ensuring your application performs the way it should.

Know When Your Testing Is Crying Wolf

Automated testing is no good if it flags too many perceived errors and you don’t know which ones actually need your attention. Self-healing techniques in Parasoft’s web UI testing tool identify issues at runtime to keep the test flow going and provide tips on how to address them, so that you can optimize the tests for future runs.

Save Your Developers for Development

Web UI testing tools from Parasoft are intuitive and easy to use, making Selenium simple for non-developers. This means testers don’t need to unnecessarily pull developers into the process to ensure stable automated web UI testing.

Meet Business Goals

Ensure your test automation is stable to keep testing costs down. Integrating automation into the DevOps process means defects show up earlier when they’re easier and less expensive to fix.

Avoid Vendor Lock & Use What You Know

Parasoft’s web UI testing tools work with the industry standard open source framework, Selenium, with no restrictive vendor lock. No need to train people on a new proprietary technology for testing web UIs. Plug Parasoft’s tools into your existing Selenium testing practice and you’re good to go.

Build Maintainable Web Testing Scenarios

Parasoft’s web UI testing tools make it easy to create maintainable testing scenarios by recording pure Selenium tests in the page object model. Additionally, AI identifies and provides recommendations for application changes, lowering the total maintenance costs associated with web UI testing.

Web UI Testing Tools

Parasoft web UI testing tools ensure online interfaces function as designed for seamless experiences.

You don’t need to abandon your existing Selenium practice. Parasoft Selenic works with your existing Selenium tests and integrates with your IDE and CI/CD pipelines so you can address test maintenance challenges seamlessly without having to leave your ecosystem.

Where Are Web UI Testing Tools Used?

The user experience can make or break a software application. Parasoft’s web UI testing tools ensure early, accurate detection of potential failures in browser-based web interfaces, a necessity across multiple industries.

Retail & e-Commerce

The growing popularity of online shopping might be drawing customers to the web but competition is often just a click away. A frictionless shopping experience is essential to avoid cart abandonment and to deliver more revenue to your retail customers.


Money transfers at the push of a button. Mobile check deposits and bill payments. The finance industry has to sell its products and services through ever-growing online channels and do so without compromising the customer experience. Financial institutions bank on web UI testing tools to deliver.


As communication platforms proliferate and the ways that consumers communicate change, the user experience cannot afford any hiccups. Web UI testing tools ensure software is on message and on task.

Healthcare & Insurance

Patient messaging portals. Online scheduling. Telehealth appointments. The healthcare and insurance industries are churning big data to deliver personalized messaging to their patrons while also ensuring omnichannel robustness. Web UI testing tools regularly check on the health of these mission-critical applications.

Hospitality & Travel

Frictionless web experiences deliver a competitive advantage in an industry where experience is king. Hospitality software must perform as expected across all use cases and devices.


Whether the web experience is public- or vendor-facing, government software transactions are wrapped in complex mandates while working with both legacy and modern systems. Web UI testing tools ensure smooth performances across the board.