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Keep Telecommunications Software Running Smoothly

Established telecommunication providers are at risk from smaller, more nimble competitors and need to react in order to bring innovative, digital, high value solutions to market quickly so they don’t lose business. At the same time, challengers in the industry need to be careful that outages in service or security breaches do not cause them to lose a competitive advantage. Parasoft provides a comprehensive set of products to address these challenges, enabling organizations to balance agility and quality.

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

Accelerated Release Schedules

As the industry evolves from waterfall to agile development practices, organizations are re-evaluating their entire software development process and looking to adopt DevOps to streamline the release process and remove the bottlenecks from existing practices. Testing is a key component in ensuring that accelerated releases do not result in a degradation in quality. Parasoft provides the technologies to help you build a solid Agile testing practice and move from traditional siloed testing into fully automated continuous testing.

Shifting left performance testing

Many organizations struggle with late-cycle performance testing due to the use of specialized tools and limited access to performance testing environments. Parasoft shifts-left performance testing by repurposing functional tests created with Parasoft SOAtest for performance testing, and using Parasoft Virtualize to simulate the performance characteristics of unavailable or hardware constrained dependencies.

Minimizing the impact of change

To keep pace with emerging technology changes, communications companies need to be able to rapidly assess the impact of introducing a new application into their stack, from both an overall functional perspective and its impact on overall system performance. Parasoft users can diagram the architecture of an ecosystem to immediately assess impact. These business-critical unit and API tests can be triggered as a function of code check-in, ensuring that every time a developer changes anything, deep level analysis takes place ensuring the integrations impact is low risk.

Parasoft's Solutions for Software Testing in Telecom

Today’s complex and competitive telecommunications market requires agility. Automation is key for ensuring a cost-effective software delivery process, helping telecommunications organizations comply with security and reliability needs. From static analysis to fully-automated test environments, Parasoft provides automated software testing tools that underpin successful software development and testing.

Benefit from the Parasoft Approach

Reduce the cost of developing high-quality software, without sacrificing time-to-market.

Dynamically navigate data and analytics

Parasoft’s centralized reporting dashboard can be navigated through an intuitive web interface that provides an interactive framework for understanding the impact of the analytics processed by the Process Intelligence Engine. Each report is made up of customizable widgets that can be explored dynamically to investigated the results of testing.

Get a comprehensive view of test results

Parasoft captures an unprecedented amount of data across all of your testing practices. In addition to static analysis and code metrics, Parasoft aggregates data from unit testing, functional testing, manual testing, code coverage, and code reviews to provide a comprehensive view of the results of testing. The data itself is collected in a granular way to enable the advanced computations and insights provided by the Process Intelligence Engine.

Simplify software development and testing workflows

Parasoft’s centralized reporting dashboard provides users with a framework to take action based on the post-processing insights gained from the Process Intelligence Engine. By connecting the analytics dashboard to workflow management systems already being used in the SDLC, users are able to take action at the same time as it becomes clear what actions need to be taken.


"Before, we needed 2 weeks to performance test the code (for example, with average load tests, peak load tests, endurance tests, etc.) once we got it in our staging environments. With Parasoft Virtualize, we've shrunk that to just 2 or 3 days."

- Comcast