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Engage Customers With a Compelling User Experience

Provide a Reliable & Secure Online Shopping Experience

In recent years, retailers have changed the way they do business to expand beyond physical store operations with online shopping. This requires both vertical and horizontal integration that adds complexity to retail applications. You need confidence that your transaction management systems (such as Visa and MasterCard) and customer loyalty programs all perform flawlessly while protecting your users’ sensitive information. You must have a consistent and thorough application testing process in place to quickly deliver a successful project. Parasoft can help you implement and execute an automated testing strategy that enables you to confidently deploy your retail and e-commerce software applications.

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

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Working With Sensitive Data

Compliance initiatives such as PCI DSS and GDPR prevent developers and testers from using production data when testing, but realistic data is key to testing. Parasoft removes the reliance on real world data by creating virtual services that can operate even if the request data isn’t exactly right. Virtual services can be data driven with expressions that analyze the requests coming to them and respond appropriately, reducing the data required to interact with the backend system.

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Ensure Security & Quality

Parasoft’s secure-by-design approach to functional testing enables security testing early and often to test thoroughly for any potential issues and increase the velocity of software delivery. Complying to PCI DSS requirement 6, static application security testing (SAST) is the first line of defense as developers scan their code during implementation and systematically eliminate identified security vulnerabilities. API penetration testing is the next critical step to uncover security holes in applications. By implementing security and penetration testing as part of the functional testing strategy, retail organizations can ensure their applications comply with PCI DSS guidelines and minimize data-related risks.

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Minimize the Impact of Change

Complex retail and e-commerce applications incorporate extensive amounts of code and connected systems. When APIs and UIs require changes, the code must be updated and tested to verify that both new and existing functionality works as expected. Instead of executing thousands of tests each time changes occur, optimize your JUnit, API, and Selenium test suites to run only the tests required to validate the code changes between builds with quicker feedback from the CI/CD pipeline. Then analyze the existing test suites to determine which tests need to be updated to verify the changes. Minimize costs associated with test refactoring by identifying when APIs change, and then use AI to map differences in the versions.

Parasoft’s Testing Solutions for e-Commerce & Retail

Since your customers frequently use your applications, it’s vital to provide a consistent and reliable user experience across all interfaces, ensuring that your applications are defect-free and intuitive. You can validate your customer experience at the UI level using Selenium enhanced with Parasoft Selenic. Going beyond UI testing, Parasoft SOAtest enables you to continuously test your mobile and client applications from API to UI, identifying critical defects before they reach production and protecting your brand.

Many development teams don’t understand how to build security into an application, so it often gets left to the end of the process. Security starts with the code. It’s important to leverage static application security testing (SAST) to identify potential vulnerabilities. Parasoft testing tools enable developers to easily adopt secure coding practices and then testers can efficiently leverage existing API and web UI functional test scenarios for non-functional security and performance testing. Unlike any other vendor, Parasoft enables teams to seamlessly adopt automated penetration testing as part of the automated CI/CD process.

Using production data for application testing is not feasible when regulations like GDPR, PII, and CCPA are involved. Parasoft provides testers with a safe and reliable method to capture, model, mask, and generate complex data. Testers and developers can access a self-service test data interface, create the data they need, and use it for their test cases and virtual services, reducing total wait time and allowing for more complete testing.

Automated web UI testing is critical to validate the customer experience, and customer experience is vital for retail and e-commerce businesses to encourage online engagement. Ensuring that your customer experience is superior and seamless gives you the competitive advantage you need to succeed. Parasoft Selenic helps you reduce costs associated with UI testing by addressing the common challenges of maintainability and stability.

When striving to incorporate continuous quality into your CI/CD pipeline, you must have visibility into the test results with relevant metrics to understand your progress toward the business goals. Parasoft’s centralized reporting dashboard provides an interactive platform for tracking the quality of your deliverables and analytics that help prioritize testing efforts and improve the productivity of the team. The on-demand metrics and analytics give teams immediate feedback with continuous validation of quality at each stage of the development process, ensuring they can efficiently meet both time to market and quality requirements.

To improve application quality, you need to address potential performance issues in addition to functional capabilities. It’s important to be sure that the software will perform flawlessly under typical loads and during peak demand. You can reuse your functional tests for rich multi-profile performance testing scenarios on premises or by distributing load generators in the cloud. Use the integrated performance reporting dashboard to collect application test results as pass/fail and to aggregate trending data over time so that you can identify performance defects earlier.

In retail and e-commerce, test environments can be very expensive. It may seem like testers never have access to the environment when they need it. Those test environments are often constrained by third-party dependencies. Parasoft gives you the control to manage the test environment and to create simulations for virtual services so you can test your applications anytime, anywhere.

Assess the impact of quality on business-critical requirements in Parasoft’s centralized reporting dashboard by associating test results with work items like user stories, requirements, or acceptance tests in your project planning system of record (such as Jira). Traceability gives you visibility into test coverage and where your application stands in the quality process.

Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Reduce the cost of developing high-quality software without sacrificing time to market.

Simplify Software Development & Testing Workflows

Retail and e-commerce businesses need to create secure, reliable, and scalable applications. Parasoft’s simplified test automation workflows and integrations enable teams to optimize continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). With Parasoft’s extensive support for industry message formats and protocols, DevOps teams can thoroughly test their applications end to end with continuous quality in mind.

Get a Comprehensive View of Quality

Parasoft’s centralized reporting and analytics dashboard provides users with a platform to take action based on the post-processing insights gained from the Process Intelligence Engine (PIE). Parasoft aggregates data from code analysis, unit testing, functional testing, manual testing, and complete code coverage to provide DevOps teams with a comprehensive view of the results of testing.

Test the Complete Digital Experience

Parasoft’s comprehensive test ecosystem reduces the cost associated with training your testers on diverse tools lacking integration. With a one-stop shop for orchestrating functional testing from web and mobile UIs to microservices and mainframe APIs, Parasoft gives you the confidence you need to engage any testing initiative and to know the tool will support your requirements.

"Using Parasoft Virtualize for service virtualization to simulate resources that were still being developed, each team's development and testing could move forward without waiting on the others. Ultimately, we not only completed the project on budget, but actually ended up deploying it two weeks early."

- Staples