Parasoft Virtualize

Access a complete test environment—anytime, anywhere. Parasoft Virtualize, an open automated service virtualization solution, creates, deploys, and manages simulated dev/test environments. It simulates the behavior of dependent applications that are still-evolving, difficult to access, or difficult to configure for development or testing.

  • Enable Agile teams to shift-left testing efforts
  • Accelerate the SDLC by eliminating testing bottlenecks
  • Get instant access to complete test environments for exhaustive end-to-end testing
  • Facilitate exploratory testing in complex distributed systems
  • Facilitate DevOps initiatives by providing complete test environment access

Case Studies

Financial: Service Virtualization Delivers Test Environment Access for Partner Integration

Learn how Parasoft Virtualize provides a stable, "always-on" test environment that business partners can develop and test against in order to obtain certification.

Financial: Service Virtualization Removes Test Data Management Bottlenecks for Agile

Learn how Parasoft Virtualize enables a financial organization to reduce the lengthy wait time for accessing test environments configured with the appropriate test data.

Insurance: Service Virtualization Reduces Staged Test Environment Costs

Learn how Parasoft Virtualize cuts an insurance provider's dependency on over 11 back-end systems for each of their 7 test environments—significantly reducing costs.

Hospitality: Service Virtualization Accelerates Parallel Development

Learn how Parasoft Virtualize helps a global resort group accelerate parallel development of highly-interconnected components for a complex distributed system.

Retail: Service Virtualization Facilitates Early Testing for Complex, Distributed Systems

As a leading Fortune 500 retailer advances its omnichannel retail strategy, ensuring a positive user experience on the company’s ecommerce site has become increasingly critical. Learn how Service Virtualization helps them ensure that all transactions associated with this ecommerce site meet or exceed customer expectations

Financial: Service Virtualization Eliminates 3rd-Party Test Environment Access Fees

Learn how Parasoft Service Virtualization enables a brokerage firm to increase the scope & frequency of testing without incurring third-party access fees.

Telcom: Service Virtualization Enables Faster, Earlier & More Complete Testing

A leading telcom's testing efforts were regularly delayed & cut short due to test environment access constraints. Learn how Parasoft Service Virtualization helped.

Why Virtualize?

Beyond "Shift Left"

Parasoft takes “shift left” to the next level by enabling you to test earlier AND test less. With Parasoft’s integrated Service Virtualization, API Testing and Development Testing, you can dramatically reduce your exposure to security, performance, and reliability risks. With fewer defects injected into the software, you achieve significantly faster time to market with better quality.

Enable Continuous Testing

Using simulated test environments, developers and testers can exercise end-to-end transactions whenever they want, as extensively as they want. This enables fully-automated continuous testing, which is a critical component of continuous release and continuous delivery. With the freedom to test early and often, the team exposes defects when they are fastest, easiest, and least costly to fix.

Instant Access to Complete Test Environments

Parasoft provides visualization and control of the complete system under test—including all application dependencies. With role-based access, users can review, access, and provision complex test environments in seconds from an intuitive interface. Automated analysis of environment health helps the team proactively identify test environment issues before they compromise the accuracy of your test results.   Directly from this intuitive browser-based interface, team members can create a simulated test environment in less than a minute, then immediately start defining and executing tests against the appropriate test environment configurations.

Open Automated Infrastructure

The Parasoft service virtualization architecture is designed for open and rapid integration with complementary infrastructure components/tools, such as:
  • Application performance monitoring
  • API repositories
  • API/SOA management
  • Test data management
  • DevOps tools

Capture and Simulate Real System Behavior

As you naturally exercise the application under test, Parasoft captures real system behavior and converts it into a simulated test environment—delivering anytime access. Beyond “services,” Parasoft Service Virtualization captures the behavior of databases, messaging queues, middleware, mainframes, ERPs, ESBs, legacy systems, native system calls, and and proprietary/custom formats.

Rapidly Model Incomplete/Unavailable Components

When dependent system components are unavailable or incomplete, Parasoft enables you to rapidly model anticipated behavior through an intuitive graphical interface. Additionally, you can automatically generate virtual assets from definition files or transaction logs.

Rapid Automated Change Control

With the rapid evolution of today’s services and application dependencies, it is essential to have a fast, easy, and automated way of delivering the most realistic test environments. Parasoft automatically assesses the impact of changes and intelligently updates existing test environments. This vastly reduces the amount of time required to achieve the environment integrity required for accurate results.

Easily Configure Complex Test Conditions

Virtual assets are easily extended with specific response parameters for performance, test data, and response logic. It’s simple to mimic conditions for more complete testing, including “what-if,” security, concurrency, fail-over, performance, and negative test scenarios. This approach allows for a broad array of test conditions to be executed without altering the core test case.

Service Virtualization Capabilities

SV for Functional Testing

  • Test against constrained dependent resources without scheduling hassles
  • Test extensively—without access and transaction fees
  • Test vs. a broad array of conditions instantly
  • Get the exact test environment you need, on demand

SV for Performance Testing

  • Test versus realistic transaction performance
  • Test constrained dependent resources without scheduling restrictions
  • Test extensively—without access and transaction fees
  • Test against a broad array of functional and performance conditions—with minimal setup
  • Get the exact test environment you need, on demand

SV for Agile Development

  • Rapidly prototype virtual assets that reflect the anticipated behavior of still-evolving components
  • Easily update virtual asset behavior as requirements change
  • Rapidly deploy virtual assets for consistent team-wide access
  • Eliminate the need for brittle stubs/mocks

SV for Mobile App Testing

  • Gain anytime, anywhere access to a complete test environment
  • Easily configure performance tests against realistic network conditions
  • Emulate network conditions from production or via profile libraries
  • Reduce dependencies on other teams and divisions
  • Eliminate late-stage integration issues

SV for Mainframes

  • Create simulated test environments for mainframes
  • Give dev/QA immediate and flexible access to simulated mainframe behavior
  • Reduce the cost & complexity of development/testing
  • Accelerate delivery via early and continuous testing
  • Minimize disruption to high-value mainframe resources

SV for SAP

  • Provide flexible, immediate, and secure access to Client-SAP, Internal SAP, and SAP-to-SAP interactions
  • Enable early, extensive integration testing from the dev/test environment
  • Facilitate deep regression testing to ensure migrations/upgrades meet expectations
  • Gain deep visibility and traceability within and across processes
  • Increase the scope and breadth of testing without increasing test lab costs

Supported Environments and Technologies

Release Notes