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Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing With Parasoft SOAtest

Integrate Your Mobile Interfaces as a Part of Your Overall Testing Strategy

Parasoft SOAtest enables rapid, automated test creation for mobile websites using a code-free record-and-playback strategy, and includes the ability to leverage Appium unit tests for Android and iOS in the context of omni-/multi-channel functional testing scenarios.

How Does It Work?

In the advent of mobile-first development, testers must ensure that their mobile interface is not only secure, reliable, and scalable, but that the customer experience is consistent and delivers on the expectations of the market. For successful testing in the context of today’s mobile environments, validating the customer’s journey through their various interfaces to the business (mobile, web, Open APIs, etc.) is essential. Parasoft integrates mobile testing into your enterprise testing strategy by enabling you to execute your existing Appium scripts in local device emulators or any mobile device cloud, such as Experitest or Mobile Labs, so you can ensure a seamless user experience across all of the interfaces of your application.

Create Stable Mobile Test Environments

To test your mobile device, you often need access to backend APIs and databases. But when internal and back-end components are unavailable, unstable, or don’t have required data it is difficult to comprehensively your application. With Parasoft SOAtest’s seamless integration with Parasoft Virtualize, users can create stable mobile test environments by deploying virtual representations of any service, and then loading that service with the correct data and performance behavior needed during testing.

Through a rich integration with Experitest, SOAtest can be installed into the same IDE as Appium Studio, and vice versa, which helps accelerate Appium test development. The test can then be directly referenced from a SOAtest test suite for omni-/multi-channel functional testing scenarios.


Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Achieve Complete Omni-Channel Testing

Connecting mobile UI tests with API and database tests makes it possible to interact with the application’s machine interfaces while exercising the UI. Practical applications of this would be to inject a record into a database, for example a new customer, and then use the UI to operate on that entry. Using API calls during UI execution allows you to validate backend services to ensure what you are doing on the UI is translating properly to the backend.

Create Mobile Tests Without Scripting

Parasoft SOAtest helps users generate test cases for mobile websites automatically, by recording actions taken by the user. Without this, users have to spend a lot of time hand-coding Appium unit tests.

Execute the Right Tests at the Right Time

Bundle testing activities in the context of your application to run groups of tests from your build system based on triggers. To execute the right tests at the right time, instead of executing every test every time there is a change, Parasoft’s web interface enables bundling of testing activities together to execute exactly how you want, when specific actions take place. For example, you can run all API tests first, and only if they are successful, and then run mobile web UI tests.