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.NET Static Analysis

.NET Static Code Analysis

Enhance .NET and C# code security and quality with Parasoft dotTEST static analysis.

C# and .NET Static Analysis With Parasoft dotTEST

Parasoft dotTEST verifies C# and VB.NET code quality and checks compliance with industry and security standards (such as OWASP, CWE, UL 2900, or PCI DSS) by applying the most complete set of static analysis techniques to validate code and ensure defects are prevented at the earliest stage of the software development process.

How Does It Work?

Parasoft dotTEST provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of C# and .NET static analysis checkers that can be used to verify compliance with security standards, identify runtime problems early (for example, null pointers and memory leaks), find code duplicates, and understand code complexity/structure to ensure your code is both reliable and maintainable.

Parasoft dotTEST uses multiple code parsing engines to analyze and gain a deep understanding of the C# or .NET code in development and applies over 900 different rules to quickly find critical violations in the code. The rules are prioritized and grouped into predefined configurations, allowing users to quickly understand and prioritize the analysis.

Static code analysis can be performed either in the IDE (Visual Studio and VS Code) or using the command-line interface for automation and continuous integration scenarios. The results of the analysis can be accessed immediately within the IDE and from generated reports (HTML, PDF, XML) as well as being aggregated for further post-processing, reporting, and analytics from the award-winning Parasoft DTP reporting and analytics dashboard.

As you scale across your team, dotTEST provides advanced capabilities for making C# and .NET static analysis a maintainable element of the development process by suppressing unwanted findings, prioritizing findings, assigning findings to developers, and more.

dotTEST enables developers to remediate static analysis findings easily and quickly through its integration with OpenAI or Azure OpenAI providers. With LLM integration, developers can leverage Generative AI to rapidly generate code fixes for static analysis findings, assisting in situations where the developer may not be familiar with the specific rule or violation.


Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

The Most Complete Security and Compliance Analysis for .NET

Security is the number one concern for today’s .NET applications. Whether the application is powering a medical device or driving an enterprise’s critical business workflows, it is necessary to ensure the code is secure and compliant with industry standards (such as OWASP and CWE). dotTEST provides the most complete security solution for .NET development teams, with both breadth of analysis and the reporting required to demonstrate compliance during audits.

Creating Efficient Team Workflows

Parasoft dotTEST seamlessly plugs into your team’s workflow, with an IDE integration that enables the developer to validate code before committing into source control, as well as command line automation, for validation and confirming compliance as part of the CI process. By centrally coordinating the configuration and communication of analysis in both IDE and CI, dotTEST is able to ensure that your team is on the same page, working as efficiently as possible.

A Complete View of Quality With Aggregation of Quality Practices

Parasoft dotTEST’s static analysis results are aggregated into Parasoft’s centralized reporting and analytics dashboard, with data from across your quality practices, from code analysis, through unit testing and automated functional testing of APIs and web applications, to complete coverage analysis. This not only provides a complete view of quality but enables the advanced analytics of Parasoft DTP that helps organizations accelerate with confidence.