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PCI DSS Compliance With Parasoft

What Is PCI DSS Compliance?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

PCI DSS was created to increase the security of credit, debit, and cash card transactions, and protect cardholder data against misuse of their personal information. It is an actionable coding framework required for developing a robust payment card data security process, that includes prevention, detection, and appropriate reaction to card security incidents and privacy threats. PCI DSS consists of 12 requirements that are essential for the safe use of credit card information, and requirement 6 focuses on addressing common coding vulnerabilities in software-development processes.

Enforcing PCI DSS Compliance With Static Analysis

Parasoft’s static analysis solutions provide more support for Requirement 6 than any other source code analysis tool, helping teams achieve DevSecOps in compliance with PCI standards by enforcing security from the very start of development, with a comprehensive set of static analysis checkers that help find security weaknesses as well as enforce secure software engineering standards to harden your application.

PCI DSS How to Comply title of video with headshot of speaker Arthur Hicken to the right

How Parasoft Helps Achieve PCI DSS Compliance

Parasoft users can leverage Parasoft’s static code analysis products for Java and .NET to reduce the cost of achieving PCI DSS compliance and save time and effort. Protecting cardholder data has never been quicker.

Out-of-the-Box Static Analysis Configurations for PCI DSS

Unlike other static analysis vendors in the industry, Parasoft provides out-of-the-box policy/test configurations that are fully configurable and can be executed from within the IDE and via the CI/CD process to help quickly locate vulnerabilities earlier in the software development process.

PCI DSS Guidance and Training

Parasoft goes beyond other static analysis systems in support of PCI DSS compliance. Parasoft users get guidance, right in the developer’s IDE, about how to fix the vulnerabilities, with supported documentation and training material for achieving the PCI data security standards.

PCI DSS Compliance Status

For management, reporting, auditing, and continuous feedback to the whole team, Parasoft’s unparalleled real-time feedback gives users a continuous view of PCI DSS compliance status, by providing interactive compliance dashboards, widgets, and reports that have the PCI DSS risk assessment framework implemented right within the dashboard itself.